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Covid-19: mouthwash with oral elixir may reduce risk of transmission, says new study

German researchers carried out the tests in the laboratory and used eight products for sale in pharmacies and supermarkets in the country. Research still has a long way to go

Since the beginning of the new coronavirus pandemic, researchers have discovered a series of substances and products capable of "containing" the new coronavirus, avoiding the risks of transmission. Now, a group of German scientists is trying to prove that some elixirs for daily oral hygiene are capable of inactivating the virus, at least in the laboratory.

The discovery, which still has a long way to go, has been published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases .

For the study, the researchers analyzed eight mouthwashes with different formulas, for sale in several pharmacies and supermarkets in Germany. In each test, the product was mixed with particles of the new coronavirus and a substance that recreated the effect of saliva in the mouth. This mixture was then stirred for 30 seconds, simulating the average time of a mouthwash.

The experts noted that the use of these elixirs - at least that of the brands tested by the research - could reduce viral load and decrease the risk of transmission of Covid-19.

“Rinsing (never ingesting) with mouthwash cannot inhibit the production of viruses in cells, but it can reduce the viral load in the short term, where the greatest potential for infection comes from, that is: the oral cavity and throat - and this can be useful in certain situations, such as at the dentist or during the medical care of patients with COVID-19, " explained Toni Meistero , one of the scientists involved in the study.

In the results that have already been presented, all the tested products managed to reduce the concentration of the virus in the samples. In addition, three of the elixirs even managed to eliminate the virus from the samples, as shown by the analyzes.

With this pandemic, new studies and new products are emerging, which are found to be effective in combating the virus. The Mipmed like to be at the forefront of discoveries and share them with your customers and followers.

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