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First Aid Kit: what should it contain?



All houses and public places must have a box containing the necessary material to be able to provide basic first aid in urgent situations.


The therapeutic material needed to heal wounds or face other usual consequences of an accident is very varied, but there are some products and utensils that should always be on hand, preferably kept in the cupboard, in order, to facilitate the task of use.

Portable first aid box / bag 

When you go on a trip, both for a short trip and excursion, as well as for a long vacation, it is advisable to take with us a box with material for first aid and some medications that can be very useful to fight minor problems, such as painkillers and anti-inflammatories, drugs against diarrhea and constipation.

And, depending on where we go, it may be advisable to take other specific products, such as insect repellents or tablets to disinfect the water.

It is important not to overload the box with unnecessary material and to arrange all the elements in order to facilitate its quick identification, in case of need. 

At Mipmed you have a case and a basic first aid bag , which you can purchase for a few euros. If you want a kit already made it is a good option! These most basic kits are ideal to have in the car, in the motorhome, to take on vacation, to have in the country house, to have in children amusement parks, in the classroom ...



First aid kit and bag, respectively, which you can purchase at the Mipmed online store .

What should a first aid bag include?

However, there are more or less complex first aid boxes, depending on where you intend to place the box. You can pack your own first aid kit. The following is a list of the contents of a standard first aid box and the products that may be needed most depending on the situation:


  1. Elastic bandages of different sizes.
  2. Masks .
  3. Self-adhesive bandages .
  4. Thermometer .
  5. Tweezers to extract small foreign bodies, such as spines or wood shavings.
  6. Scissors , preferably with round ends, to cut therapeutic products and everything that covers wounds or burns.
  7. Bandages of different sizes or adhesives .
  8. Oxygenated water to wash wounds or Protosan , a product suitable for washing wounds.
  9. Non-stick compresses to apply on burns.
  10. Saline to irrigate and wash wounds.
  11. Liquid antiseptic , or wipes , designed to kill pathogens or prevent their development. For example, that contains povidone-iodine.  
  12. Sterile TNT compresses , to pad the dressings.
  13. Splint, or wooden spatulas , to immobilize fingers.
  14. Adhesive rolls . Or adhesive that cuts to measure.
  15. Disposable latex or nitrile gloves . A first aid kit should not have vinyl gloves because they are porous and do not protect against body fluids.
  16. Sterile gases or compresses , of different sizes, preferably in individual packages or in a few units.
  17.  Resuscitation mask - Pocket mask.
  18.  Hand sanitizer to disinfect before and after dressing.
  19.  Oximeter
  20. Paracetamol, ibuprofen or cetirizine: these are generic drugs that can be used for various types of common symptoms and problems.

In the online store Mipmed can buy all these products, except medicines. Check the various products in the following image. You can find the products from the numbered list above in the image captioned with the respective numbers.



What is the most suitable place in the house to store the first aid box?

Usually the first aid box is kept in the bathroom, but this is not the best place, especially since the box contains medicines whose preservation requires conditions of temperature and humidity that do not exist in this room. Any dry and cool area is suitable for storing the box, always at a height inaccessible to children and locked.

I am preparing a first aid box and I intend to buy a good amount of gauze, but I don't know if I should choose a large package or several with a few units?

Gauze has several applications, but they are mainly used to make dressings. The gauze must be placed over the wounds, which makes it essential to be sterilized. Therefore, it is preferable that the packages are of a few units, since if they are large, as some of them are used, it is easier to contaminate the gases that are not used. In addition, although the most used are 10 cm or 20 cm, it is also convenient to have some other measures. Thus, it is best to buy different sizes of gauze in small packages.

Why is it important to have a first aid kit in the car?

When an accident occurs, there may be no time to wait for an ambulance. The sooner a dressing is applied, for example, it prevents the infection from being greater. You need to act quickly. And if you are in a difficult to access place, for example, having a kit at your disposal can save several lives, depending on what the kit contains.

How to keep the first aid kit up-to-date
To facilitate the process of checking and replacing the constituents of the first
aid kit , it is advisable to make a list with the quantity and expiration date of each component.



Catarina Vilela - Nurse


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