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Miotaping, the new facial rejuvenation treatment

Miotaping, the new facial rejuvenation treatment

The Miotaping massage is indicated to treat and prevent wrinkles, sagging, puffiness and dark circles , with visible results in the short and long term, acting on the points of facial aging: on the skin and muscles of the facial mimic. The objective is to sensorially stimulate the skin, improving its peripheral, lymphatic circulation and favoring the contraction of certain more flaccid muscles in the region of the cheeks and the face contour.


How is Miotaping done?

Miotaping is a facial rejuvenation treatment through the application of massage and the application of kinese tapes, against the tension lines of the skin. The kinesiotaping technique is already widely used in sport and in rehabilitation, with the aim of reducing pain and improving muscle performance.

miotaping massagem rejuvenescedora facial

What is the basic procedure of Miotaping?

The purpose of the entire procedure is to promote an immediate facelift and prolong its effect for longer

Firstly, massage is performed, which follows specific movements in the opposite direction to the effects of flaccidity, in certain lines of tension of the skin. The massage movements are specific to promote muscle relaxation, including intraoral, in addition to the kneading and rolling movements that favor facial lifting. Massage promotes an improvement in peripheral circulation, favors cell renewal and improves facial contour. The massage is done before the application of kinesio tapes. 

Then, kinesiotapes are applied to the regions most susceptible to sagging. These zones are activated through the heat of the massage. 

The procedure is finished with an innovative cosmetic that causes an immediate lifting effect of instant botox lasting 8 to 12 hours. 

Why is it rejuvenating?

It is rejuvenating because it acts on all aspects of facial aging, skin and muscles. 

How does it promote skin lifting?

In facial aging, changes occur in the skin and musculature of the face. Massage improves peripheral circulation, optimizes cell renewal and stimulates collagen-producing cells, fibroblasts. On the other hand, the lifting effect occurs initially by relaxing the facial musculature that daily undergoes tensions and stress due to facial movements and chewing. The constant excessive contraction of certain muscles of the face causes expression marks and furrows that are creased in the face. Then, the deep massage is applied against the tension lines of the skin and the application of the kinese tapes favor the facial lifting. 


Is there any contraindication?

Associated with the whole massage, there are contraindications: diabetes or decompensated hypertension, active acne, dermatitis, extremely sensitive skin, use of isotretinoin (roacutan), skin lesions. Pregnant women can do it!

Can just applying the tapes to the face promote a similar result or any benefit? Because?

As in the application of kinese tapes for sports therapy, the tapes must be applied by a qualified professional. In the case of the face, mainly, they can injure or sensitize the skin. They must be applied over certain tension lines and must be removed carefully with a specific product to remove the glue without injuring the skin.

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Catarina Vilela - Nurse