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Revivalism or Timeless Soaps?



Revivalism or timeless soaps? 

The volatility of vicissitudes in time sometimes does not happen with some products that remain from this timeless past!! Today we are going to talk about soaps! Who remembers those soaps from the grandparents' house and, even today, when it passes on the supermarket shelves, it reminds them of the smell… and the dear grandparents? There are soaps that, either because of their timeless quality, or because of the revival of some aesthetic movements, have lasted. 

HayPattiLavenderCyprusMossWhich of these names is most familiar to you? What makes you remember? Do you still remember the odor? 

Without a doubt, the ones that bring me memories are the soaps Lavender, Hay, Moss, and a little bit, Patti.

I immediately associate the Moss soap with a brush, with a wooden handle, and an antique razor blade!




All that ritual of shaving very accurately to avoid cuts. Time seemed to stop while I watched my grandfather shave...

For many, revivalism is a conservative, possibly nostalgic, manifestation that can please those who take good memories from the past and thus want to relive them. Is it just that?

As for the Alfazema do Monte soap and the green Feno de Portugal, I remember them in the soap dishes in the washbasin, with which I used to wash my soiled hands, playing with the cats, dogs, and friends of the village, where I would spend my holidays of summer… the endless vacations! It felt so good, so much time to play in freedom! The truth is that the hands, at the end of it all, were well washed and had an unmistakable smell. And Grandma, before sitting at the table for dinner, would confirm that my hands were well washed.



If any of these soaps remind you of the past, try closing your eyes and smelling one of them again. A journey through time, that's the feeling you're going to get. And enjoy!

Share with us, in the comments of this article, if there is any soap that makes you go back in your memories and how.

However, for others, this revivalist attitude is nothing more than a reactionary manifestation, potentially conflicting with the new winds of change. 



Will these soaps be old or traditional? 

By definition, only what one generation bequeathed to the next generation is traditional, which embraced that legacy and used it, eventually adapting it to their social reality, because times evolve and so do we. In principle, a tradition fulfills, or satisfies, certain objectives or social needs that have to adapt to the contexts of each period. As much as we like our grandparents or our parents, we don't live like them, so our needs or interests aren't the same. But the sensations can last…. 

Many brands, from various areas, are inspired by the past, or repeal the past, or keep the handcrafted style or modernize themselves just a little, without losing their original identity. It happens with the soap industry, the soap industry, as we will see some examples below. 



The revivalist trend 

The trend revival is being followed by different brands and business, it seems this is a true niche market and the potential to grow. Products and stores from other times that have a special fascination. 

Today, Benamôr, for example, is reborn and reinvents itself with its enchanting beauty recipes. The adorable 
Art Deco tubes were an immediate hit when they appeared in 1952, and they're still super appealing today.









The brand maintains the floral and Art Deco design. Benamôr's revivalist packaging on the latest products is beautiful. All the various ranges follow the same trait.


Already trust the brand with the range of products Cyprus renewed the range in which there were two soaps, with the creation of the Cyprus White Flowers . 



This soap is the most feminine of the Cyprus line. With an image inspired by the graphic collection of the company's archives, the Cyprus Flores Brancas soap came to give a more feminine touch to the collection.

At Mipmed you will find all these soaps, and many more! 
Visit the online store website at 



Some examples of revival

Nowadays the revival and rehabilitation, periods and styles of the old, is very present and important in fashion Examples such as neo- medieval, neo-Gothic, among many others, have a permanent presence in the fashion shows and collections of all modern and contemporary 'designers'. 



Revivalism reached notorious dimensions and is thus the object of many studies. The ability to create great works of art in the fashion of revivalism, where curiosity and strangeness mixed with a bizarre fantasy achieved something truly new. Revivalism has become a fundamental factor in fashion, although this does not mean that the designer's work is facilitated, not falling into a copy is difficult, showing something new, innovative, in a revivalist work is not easy. In this way, they show their creativity, the revival is there, but their touch and their brand image too.

In art important movements of revivalist character were the Renaissanceneoclassicism, and historicist romanticisms that bundle a variety of undercurrents (gothic, neo-gothic, neo- Manuelineneo-baroque, neo-Romanesqueliterature, and which left a large number of monuments in many countries.  






























In the East, after more than a century of heavy Western influence, many musicians have turned to their ancient traditions as a landmark of decolonization and as a way of reaffirming their identity , even though the elements of foreign modernity are not discarded, composing a multicultural hybridity. 

pop music there has been a curious phenomenon of successive revivalisms in a short period of time from the 1950s onwards.


In politics and ideology ethnic revival was an important point for the rise of Nazism and fascism , which sought rescue racial and cultural elements considered archaic pure and noble, such as the Aryan race and Ancient Rome , respectively.  


Specifically in America it happens from mid-twentieth century the native revival , aspects linked to ecological and survival of people indigenous .

The religious revival has been regarded by scholars as one of the most important forces for developments as well as the religious spheres, even when stripped of political and social repercussions, affecting societies as a whole, for their emotional character and its dependence on charismatic leaders capable of mobilize crowds. The Protestant revivalist movements in England and the United States from the 18th century are well known , especially the various waves of the so-called Great Awakening , which had a great impact on American society.



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