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We are Green, with great Pride: Bambo Nature!

We are Green, with pride: Bambo Nature

Bambo Nature was the first baby diaper certified with the prestigious NORDIC ECOLABEL, as well as with the EU FLOWER ecological certification

Because it is the future and the health of the little ones that are at stake, we voluntarily choose to work under strict criteria for environmental inspection, minimizing the impact on the planet. 

For us, taking care of environmental issues is not an option, it is a priority.  


Did you know that Abena's own production , manufacturer of Bambo Nature products, in Denmark, is 100% powered by wind energy

We work with total respect for the planet from the beginning of our products' life until they reach your hands. We take care of your baby taking care of the environment. And finally, you can dispose of used diapers without worry. 



Do you know why we are BAMBO NATURE?

More than 30 years ago, the founding family of Abena (manufacturer of Bambo Nature) started selling "Bambolina" disposable diapers in Denmark. To represent the brand, they chose a teddy bear they affectionately called Bambo. 
When it came time to grow up and choose a name that captured the spirit of the products, they knew that Bambo had to be there. The word "Nature" was added to the brand name to remember the family's dedication to the use of sustainable and ecological materials in the production of their diapers, in the utmost respect for Nature. 
Bambo Nature was born! Tell this story to your little ones. They will love to hear from you.


Bambo Nature diapers are available in 7 sizes

To accompany all stages of your baby's growth. Always by your side, so that you don't lack a lot of pampering and all the care your skin requires. 


  • Premature Size: up to 3kgs (24 pcs/pack)
  • Size 1: from 2 to 4kgs (28 pcs/pack)
  • Size 2: from 3 to 6kgs (30 pcs/pack)
  • Size 3: from 5 to 9kgs (33 pcs/pack)
  • Size 4: from 7 to 18kgs (30pcs/pack)
  • Size 5: from 12 to 22kgs (27 pcs/pack)
  • Size 6: from 16 to 30kgs (22 pcs/pack)

And in addition to providing your little one with superior protection, you'll also be taking care of the #environment . Better is impossible!



Bambo Nature skirts are even more appetizing! We'll tell you why 

☘️ SUPERABSORBENTS: ensure rapid absorption, keeping your baby's delicate skin always dry. 

DIAPY SIZEsize down, size up? With this indication, you can't go back to cheating! 

☘️ MOISTURE INDICATOR: change or not change, that's the question! Rest, when you need to change the diaper, let us know. 

FLEXIBLE SIDE BANDSwith great elasticity, they fit perfectly and guarantee all the freedom of movement for your little acrobat. 

☘️ 100% BREATHABLE: minimizes the risk of allergic reactions or skin irritations. 

Are they or are they not super diapers? Pampering is in our nature.


Healthy baby, easy daddies! 

  • Babies' skin is ULTRA sensitive, thin and fragile. That's why it absorbs and eliminates water very quickly, being prone to dryness or irritation. 
  • Choosing products with balanced pH, free of chemicals and allergens is vital for the health of your baby's skin. 
  • With Bambo Nature diapers and wipes, without dyes, parabens or perfumes, you are sure to be offering the best care and all the protection it deserves. 
  • They couldn't sleep more peacefully... Babies and daddies! 


Upside down, tail in the air?

  • Bambo Nature skirts are proof against curiosity, lots of fun and are prepared for anything!
  • Eco-certified and dermatologically tested, our diapers follow your baby's every move, without leakage or irritation, even upside down and upside down. 


Remember Linus's blanket, the character from the Charlie Brown Gang? Your baby probably has or will have something similar, a soft toy or a cloth diaper...
Did you know that these transitional objects are of great importance for the emotional development of children and carry a feeling of coziness and security similar to that found in your lap from the mother? What your baby doesn't do without are the Bambo Nature diapers, so comfortable and gentle on the skin. Best friends from day one! 


A child who respects and loves their pet will be a richer adult. That's why we love to see the affection between real babies and fur babies. Are there moments of tenderness at home too? We want to know! Send us your favorite baby-dog/cat/animal photo. 

That's how Bambo Nature babies start the week: stylish and super confident Our skirts don't do it for less. Maximum mobility, zero leaks or irritations! The rest is charm... 


And finally, we only have two more things to say:

1) UPS! 
2) Bambo Nature Wipes, now! 

With new packaging that is even more 
environmentally friendly and without the addition of perfumes, parabens or lotions, Bambo Nature wipes are the great companions of kids' naughty adventures! By the way, by the way, keep them close at all times… 


Bambo nature an inspiring world!! 

Catarina Vilela - Nurse