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Hair Removal Roller 75g


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High density hair removal paper roll, 75g. Biodegradable technology. 100€ polyester Professional use.       &.. See More

High density hair removal paper roll, 75g.

Biodegradable technology.

100€ polyester

Professional use.





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Discover 4 myths and 4 truths about waxing

Hair removal is always an especially delicate moment. Paying special attention to the selection of depilatory products is essential to minimize the sensation of pain and achieve optimal hair removal.

Professional hair removal bands, strong and durable, made with high quality materials. Perfect for body and legs, ensuring a clean and precise hair removal service.



Despite being one of the oldest methods of hair removal, the use of wax is still surrounded by doubts, myths and some important truths that many insist on ignoring.

The first one is about the necessary preparation before starting the hair removal. Contrary to what many women think, some measures are important for the success of the procedure.
It is not advised to come after a full day of sun exposure. It is also important not to apply products such as oils and moisturizers, as they can compromise hair removal.
As the act of pulling the hot wax already stimulates the production of melanin - the pigment responsible for the coloring of the skin - as a form of defense, performing hair removal after being exposed to sunlight can increase the opportunity for blemishes and darkening of the skin. With the trauma of pulling the skin and the intense heat of the wax itself, it is possible to generate an inflammatory process that culminates in the production of melanin, called post-inflammatory hyperchromia. This is one of the great fears that surround the technique with wax and a truth, if the necessary care is not taken.
According to the epilator, one of the main precautions is to avoid the sun both in the pre-epilation phase and after the procedure. For regions where sunlight is practically impossible to avoid, such as the face, sunscreen should be prioritized. Eyebrows, upper lip and other places require extra care.
Many people use acids that increase the sensitivity of the skin. To avoid irritation and redness at the site, it is important to suspend the application of these products at least five days before, it is recommended to resume the use of acids and exfoliants only five days later.
Ideally, other products, such as oil and moisturizer, are also avoided. As the pore is very exposed after removing the hair, any particle can be responsible for clogging the follicle, causing the famous follicutitis.


4 myths about hot wax hair removal

1 - Waxing sensitive areas of the face such as eyebrows and mustache can cause sagging.

Sagging is caused by the weakening of collagen fibers and the use of wax does not reflect so deeply on the skin. The aging process and consequent sagging have other causes, such as excessive exposure to the sun, alcohol and cigarette consumption, free radicals and an inadequate diet.

2 - It can rupture leg vessels and cause varicose veins.

As the application of the wax is very superficial, it does not reach the veins and microvessels located in a deeper area of ​​the skin. As a result, the effects are not felt.

3 - There is a possibility of causing pimples.

In general, what appears right after epilation is folliculitis, that is, inflammation of the follicle. The problem is mainly caused by the clogging of the pore after the procedure, as it is extremely exposed. Therefore, the area must be very well sanitized and some products such as oils and moisturizers should be avoided until 24 hours after waxing.

4 - People with allergies should avoid hot wax.

The origin of the allergy can be found in the dyes used in many versions of waxes that claim to be from algae or to have fruit components. As these products are chemical additives, they may be linked to an allergic reaction. The ideal is to look for unmixed waxes and opt for those with a color that resembles the natural version of the bee as closely as possible. Abolishing waxing altogether can be a mistake.


4 truths about hot wax hair removal

1 - Removing hair with hot wax is less painful than doing it with cold wax.

The heat helps in the hair removal process, as it stimulates pores to dilate.

2 - The process can cause stains or darken the skin.

If the guidelines are not well executed, the skin can be stained with epilation. The ideal is to avoid any sun exposure for at least two days after waxing. In addition to being more sensitive, the skin loses part of its natural protection during hair retention. In areas of the face, it is essential to abuse sunscreen.

3 - The chance of ingrown hairs is greater.

As it removes the hair from the root, waxing leaves it more fragile and thin. At birth, the hair may not be strong enough to break the skin barrier, especially if it is dehydrated and rough. When depilation is done with a blade, this does not happen, as the hairs are not pulled out, but cut, maintaining thickness and resistance. Given this, the opportunity for growth to be stopped by the skin is less>

4 - After shaving the armpits, deodorant should be avoided.

The area should be free of deodorants for 24 hours after the procedure. Otherwise, there may be irritation, burning and redness of the area. Not to mention that, in some cases, it can even stimulate the appearance of stains. (

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