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ATL – Fatty Cream – 400g


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  • Brand: Edol
  • Product Code: MM-ATLCG400
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 Fat Cream:  Suitable for very dry skin Suitable for very sensitive or reactive skin Dermatologically tested Hypoallergenic Wi.. See More

 Fat Cream

  • Suitable for very dry skin
  • Suitable for very sensitive or reactive skin
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Without perfume
  • No parabens
  • No preservatives
  • Main Ingredients: Paraffin, Glycerin, Beeswax


ATL® Fat Cream protects the skin from extreme dryness caused by external agents (cold, wind, detergents, etc.).

ATL® Fat Cream has a creamy texture that provides comfort and softness to the skin.

How to use: apply 2 to 3 times a day in the area to be taken care of.

Quantity: 400g



 Action of the fat cream: 

The fat cream is an emollient that moisturizes, protects and returns softness and elasticity to the skin. Extremely dry and scaly skin normally presents the destroyed hydrolipidic barrier, easily losing the water of its interior. For this reason, it is important to use an emollient that restores and strengthens the skin barrier, enhancing the regeneration and retention of water in the skin. Fat cream like ATL - Creme Gordo has this function. Formulated with triglycerides, oat peptides and vitamin C to maintain skin elasticity and prevent the appearance of stretch marks in weight variations because it fills the void of lost lipids from the surface of the skin. These elements aid in the process of skin regeneration, providing a protective barrier that reduces transepidermal water loss and retains the water content of the stratum corneum. Its formula contains natural substances selected for their moisturizing, soothing, calming and protective properties. It has a very creamy texture and provides a feeling of immediate comfort to the skin.



 Indications for use of fatty cream:  

    • Localized dry areas: protects and recovers skin from areas such as heels, elbows, knees and hands. In winter, you should take advantage of the Fat Cream as a barrier cream (against cold, wind, to avoid the mechanical irritations of the handkerchiefs when blowing, ...) - Cieiro, Frieiras, extremely dry skin on hands, feet.

    • Cutaneous healing: relieves itching and facilitates massage, promoting the maintenance of a regular surface

    • Irritation and peeling of sensitive skin

    • Striae during growth - in adolescence

    • Aids treatment of eczema / atopic skin

    • As a cream of very dry hands or cracked feet

    • Solar dehydration

    • For example, all people who have extremely dry feet or hands can use Fat Cream for a shock treatment: at night they spread a layer of cream in the most affected areas and put on socks or gloves (there are already on the market gloves and socks appropriate for these moisturizing rituals) and the texture of the skin will improve considerably.

    • Use of fat cream by athletes

    • Another common use has to do with sportsmen and sportswomen. To avoid rubbing and wounds in the areas of the nipples and groin, it is recommended to apply Fat Cream.


 Skin functions: 

    • External coating: protection against physical, chemical, mechanical and bacterial aggression;

    • Protection: forms a physical barrier against infections, dehydration and UV radiation;

    • Absorption of substances: mainly absorbs the greasy ones, like hormones, vitamins and medicines;

    • Secretion: the skin assists the kidneys and lungs in eliminating waste, eliminating organic impurities through their glands;

    • Water regulation: it prevents excessive losses of body fluids, as well as the absorption of extracorporeal fluids, maintaining the homeostasis of the organism (steady state);

    • Thermoregulation: through the production and release of sweat maintains the proper temperature;

    • Storage: Water, fats and sugars can be stored in the skin;

    • Sensitivity: through nerve endings receiving touch, pressure, heat and pain;

    • Immunity: epidermal (skin epidermis) cells are important for immunity;

    • Vitamin D synthesis: by sun exposure through U.V.

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