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Babu Hair Brush


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  • Brand: Babu
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Babu hair cepillo Composition: Biodegradable zipper in which the sleeve and the bristles are 100% bamboo, with perfect ergonomics for good use and .. See More

Babu hair cepillo

Composition: Biodegradable zipper in which the sleeve and the bristles are 100% bamboo, with perfect ergonomics for good use and convenience at the time of shaving your hair.
Natural rubber: With natural rubber, it has rounded bristles to create a massage effect on the hairy skin.
How to use: For good use, we advise you to remove the hair daily, wash it manually and in case of contact with water, place it later in a dry place.

Additional information

Each zipper is ideal for a type of hair. The choice of which one to use depends on what you want to do and how you want to finish your locks.

- The zippers are indicated according to the hebra thickness, the width and the hair texture, if they are smoother or wavy. The objective is that the zipper does not break the mechones, unravel it without removing it and doing what you want to straighten or straighten your hair.

But it is not enough to use the proper zipper.

- Al cepillar, never comb thick mechones, ya that can tangle in the zipper. If you use the dryer, keep it three centimeters from the zipper and in motion, to avoid burning the bristles and mechones.


Discover the ideal brushes for you.

A escova ventilada com base de cerâmica é ideal para modelar as pontas

Ventilated zipper with ceramic base is ideal for shaping the tips.

Ventilated: The oval model with ceramic base has natural wild boar bristles and is suitable for drying and shaping the tips. The zipper is activated with the heat of the dryer and, if it is ventilated and has spaced bristles, it adds volume to the hair.

A escova de cabelo modelo raquete é boa para desembaraçar cabelos longos e lisos


The zipper for hair racket model is good for untangling long and smooth hair.

Racket: This oval zipper has plastic bristles with lunar on the tip that protect the hairy skin. It is indicated to comb and untangle all types of hair and is a good option for people with greater sensitivity.

A escova de cabelo com base de cerâmica é ativada com o calor do secador

The ceramic-based hair brush is activated with the heat of the dryer.

Ceramic: Round and with ceramic base, activated with the heat of the dryer. Mixed bristles unite the durability of the nylon and the smoothness of the wild boar. Recommended for wavy to straight hair, for combing, combing and unraveling.

A escova de cabelo almofadada é boa opção para pessoas com maior sensibilidade

The padded zipper is a good option for people with greater sensitivity.

Cojín: this padded model with plastic bristles is suitable for long, smooth or slightly wavy hair. If used with a hair dryer, it has a styling effect with the shape, but not a smooth tan.

A escova de cabelo fininha é ideal para cabelos curtos

The fine zipper is ideal for short hair.

Slender: this zipper model has a smaller diameter, which is suitable for combing, hair straightening and finishing the hair cut. The ceramic coating heats up the brush and treats the Hebrews when used with a dryer, to reduce frizz.

A escova retangular é bastante comum e serve para desembaraçar todos os tipos de cabelo



The rectangular brush is quite common and serves to detangle all hair types.

Rectangular:  Serves to untangle all types of wires, as it has a good spacing between the bristles. This space helps prevent hair breakage.


The right way to style your hair


It's no use choosing the ideal brush model if, when combing, you don't do it right. Check out the tips from consultant Luciana Monteiro to avoid inconvenience:

The first thing to do is to split the hair in half into two parts. Untangle the ends with the padded oval brush, then comb from top to bottom to stimulate the scalp and give the hair shine.

Then separate the hair into fine strands. Handle the round brush from top to bottom, smoothing or shaping the wire with the heat of the dryer.

Finally, use the racket brush to finish the ends, making the wire more malleable.


Hygiene: cleaning the brush is also important

Do not use other people's brushes. They can serve as a vehicle for dandruff, seborrhea and even lice.

The ideal is to clean the brush once a week. To do this, remove excess hair using a fine-tooth comb.

Then let the brush soak in a soap and water solution for ten minutes. Rinse and dry thoroughly before using. In addition to washing, you can find spray sanitizers with antibacterial action in specialized stores. in:


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