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Baby Hygiene Kit MIPMED - 500ml


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  • Brand: MipMed
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Mipmed Baby Hygiene Kit consists of three bath products:shampoo,shower gel andmoisturizing cream.The entire kit has been dermatologically tested.All p.. See More

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Mipmed Baby Hygiene Kit consists of three bath products:

  • shampoo,
  • shower gel and
  • moisturizing cream.

The entire kit has been dermatologically tested.

All products are ideal to use from this first day.

Suitable for all skin types including sensitive and atopic skin.

Does not cause burning eyes.

Ensuring the comfort and safety of the baby are the main concerns of parents.

When you buy the kit that includes all three products, save 7,75 €!

Products can be purchased separately!


  • Keep packaging closed and stored at room temperature.
  • Do not ingest.
  • In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water.

Additional information

Love and hygiene issues

Ensuring the comfort and safety of the baby are the main concerns of parents.

Choosing the best option for the baby can be a challenge for first-time parents.

With this Baby Hygiene Kit, Mipmed shows concern for your quality of life and the quality of life of your loved one. We invest in technology for good hygiene and body health. Thus, these products have been developed to ensure the protection and cleanliness of ALL FAMILY's body in a healthy way.

If you are looking for quality products that respect and pamper your child's delicate skin from day one and can also be used by the whole family and especially people with sensitive skin, opt for these products.

Personal hygiene is the set of care that everyone should have with the body daily. Personal care is essential as it prevents microbes and bacteria such as worms from entering the body and causing infectious diseases. Simple habits such as showering, hand washing and brushing teeth are among the main preventive attitudes towards well-being. However, personal hygiene involves many other practices that are simple but must be done regularly. Read our articles on this topic.

Health experts emphasize that the habit of maintaining personal hygiene care should be introduced early in people's lives as a child, as this will be maintained for life.

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