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Baby hygiene kit, bath moments are fun!

We understand that it is not easy to choose baby hygiene products, especially for first-time parents, with the myriad brands on the market! We will help you choose by introducing our products.

Medical products are Mipmed's focus, and pediatrics is an extremely important area. We want to give you the proper attention and have the best affordable products available to our customers. The baby hygiene kit is designed to provide essential care for the newborn, baby, child and adult.

The baby hygiene kit can be used from the first day of your baby's life! Our products are ideal for delicate skins.

The baby hygiene kit consists of three products: a shower gel, a shampoo and a moisturizer.

If you are looking for quality products for your child, all baby hygiene products respect the natural skin balance. Soften and moisturize the skin and provide a delicate scent. It has a very soft, but wonderful smell! Reduces the risk of dry skin and does not irritate the eyes.

Both gel, shampoo and cream can be used on sensitive and reactive skin, or on people with skin problems such as atopic skin. All products are dermatologically tested, high tolerance, ophthalmologically tested (do not burn in the eye), without parabens, sulfates, soap, phenoxyethanol and silicone.

With simple little daily gestures and appropriate products, your baby will have the “baby skin” he loves so much.

To prevent dry skin, redness, some irritation and itching, which affect the baby's thinner and more sensitive skin, particularly in the early months, and to maintain its smoothness and comfort, try to follow some golden rules while using The products of baby hygiene kit:

  • Wash the skin with the shower gel that respects and enriches the surface hydrolipidic film of the skin, counteracting the harmful effects of water limescale.
  • If you bathe your baby at the end of the day, it soothes and relaxes you, favoring sleep, which is so important to your baby.

  • The bath water temperature should not be too hot (37 °).
  • After drying the baby, massage it with an adapted body oil (sweet almonds) and hypoallergenic. Massage allows the oil to penetrate the skin and increase its soothing function.
  • Usually the face dries faster due to contact with air. Moisturizing and nourishing cream should be used several times a day if the skin is very dry.

  • Wear cotton clothes.
  • Remove the tags in the first months of life.
  • Do not expose the baby to extreme sources of temperature, heat and cold.

The bath a privileged moment of interaction

Bathing is not only a moment of hygiene, but also an excellent opportunity to stimulate the development and awakening of the baby's senses. This time requires some of your time, tenderness and availability: anything that is done around a baby or child should involve empathy and calmness, to have a positive effect on brain centers of emotional control.

You should enjoy talking to the baby calmly and calmly, in a soft and confident tone, developing complicity and reciprocal interactions!

The bath gives the baby tactile sensations: touching the water, lathering, running, drying and massaging allow the baby to know his body. The bath is an opportunity for the baby to exercise. He moves, stretches, gestures!

In addition to stimulating the sense of touch, in the bath the baby develops smell and sight. Bath, hair or massage products allow you, among others, to develop your sense of smell (be careful not to use very strong odors). And if available in the bath several toys, develops the vision and apprehension of objects.

Although this article only addresses baby issues, we would like to point out that the baby hygiene kit has a composition adapted to the sensitive skin of babies from day one, but is a range of products that can be used by the whole family.

Catarina Vilela (nurse)