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3-Pieces Sterilized Syringes Omnifix B. Braun - 1ml - 100 units


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Characteristics of syringes 1ml - InsulinU-100 InsulinWithout Latex3 piecesAmountA box with 100 unitsSystemLuer SoloCuriosity: INSULINAInsulin is an e.. See More

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Characteristics of syringes 1ml - Insulin

  • U-100 Insulin
  • Without Latex
  • 3 pieces


A box with 100 units


Luer Solo

Curiosity: INSULINA

  • Insulin is an endocrine hormone produced in the pancreas. It is the key that allows the entry of glucose into cells, ie it is the insulin that helps to pass glucose from the blood to the cells.
  • Glucose comes from the food we eat. the insulin is released when necessary (eg after a meal), which allows the body tissues to take in the right amount of glucose.
  • Under normal conditions, the pancreas is able to produce it in sufficient quantity and it acts to keep sugar levels balanced, insulin is released when necessary (eg after a meal), which allows the body tissues to take over the right amount of glucose. This ability is altered in patients with diabetes, a disease that affects about 13% of the Portuguese between the ages of 20 and 79, requiring control through artificial insulin.

Insulin Administration Boards

Experts advise that in the administration of insulin, the following advice is followed:

  • Choose different injection sites, within the same area of ​​the body, with a few inches away.
  • No massage.
  • Adapt the amount of insulin to exercise and the amount of carbohydrate consumed.
  • Follow insulin storage guidelines.
  • Always eat on time and skip meals.
  • Always have some sugar packets, candy or fruit to eat if you experience signs of hypoglycaemia. Be aware of symptoms (palpitations, tremors, cold sweats, weakness) and values ​​(capillary glycemia below 70 mg / dl).

Insulin administration technique

Depending on the size of the needle used in the application, health professionals recommend a subcutaneous fold and insert the needle at a 90-degree angle. In the case of needles of 4 mm and 5 mm, the subcutaneous fold is dispensable and the only recommendation is that the injection is made at a 90 degree angle.

The steps to do the administration are:

  • Pass the alcohol 70% with a single movement in the chosen place for application.
  • Make a subcutaneous fold using only the thumb and forefinger.
  • Approach the needle from the application point and insert it with a quick movement.
  • Push the plunger (or button in the case of a pen) to inject the insulin.
  • Wait 5 seconds in the case of syringe and 10 seconds in the case of pens before withdrawing the needle from the skin and then releasing the subcutaneous fold.

Regions Recommended for Insulin Application

- Abdomen: lateral regions to 3 fingers of the navel

- Thighs: frontal and lateral lateral, 3 fingers below the groin and 3 fingers above the knee

- Arms: posterior region, 3 fingers below the armpit and 3 fingers above the elbow

- Buttocks: upper outer region

 Regions to avoid when applying insulin

Locations near the joints, with scars, edema, infections, allergies, lipodystrophies (changes in the subcutaneous tissue) and / or any changes in the skin should be avoided, so it is recommended to inspect the site before each application.


Regarding the rate of absorption in the different regions, a difference may occur when using human insulins. Absorption rate is highest in the abdomen, followed by arms, thighs and buttocks. As for insulin analogues, there is no such difference and can be administered in any region.

Types of insulin

Fast action analogue

It can be injected shortly before, with or after the meal and has an action peak between 0 and 3 hours.

Long-acting analogue.

It should be injected once daily to provide background insulin with a duration of approximately 24 hours.

Short-acting insulin

It should be injected 15-30 minutes before a meal to cover the increase in blood glucose levels that occur after eating.

Insulin medium and long acting

These are taken once or twice daily to provide background insulin or a combination with short acting insulin / fast acting analogues.

Insulin pre-mixed

This may be a combination of short-acting and medium-acting insulin.

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