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Benamôr Face Cream - 30ml


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Benamor Miracle Face face cream purifies and smooths the skin, eliminating imperfections. Deeply cleanses, eliminates blackheads, pimples, spots and r.. See More

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Benamor Miracle Face face cream purifies and smooths the skin, eliminating imperfections. Deeply cleanses, eliminates blackheads, pimples, spots and redness.

Its moisturizing power contributes to a better skin elasticity, being also indicated for the correction of wrinkles and stretch marks.

Moisturizing anti-imperfection cream.


Therapeutic indication:

Dry or dehydrated skin, with imperfections.

Corrector of wrinkles and stretch marks.



Formulated with glycerin, it keeps the skin hydrated, preventing water loss.


How to use?

Apply, morning and night, on the skin of the face, perfectly clean and dry.





Additional information

Benamôr was founded in 1925, in Lisbon, by a mysterious apothecary who created miraculous ointments in his laboratory in Campo Grande nº189. Her beauty recipes were prepared with unique perfumes and natural ingredients found in Portugal: lemon, rose, aloe vera or almond oil. The adorable Art Deco tubes were an immediate success among the beauties of Lisbon society, including Queen Dona Amélia, who remained faithful to the brand throughout her life.

With Benamôr, some of the most cherished Portuguese beauty recipes were born: Créme de Rosto, whose formula has remained unchanged since 1925 and whose rose extract gives an immediate radiant appearance to the skin. Alantoíne hand cream and Bronzaline were also some of the most popular creations.

Today, Benamôr is reborn and reinvents itself with its charming beauty recipes.


A little history of Benamor



1925: Creation of Benamôr & birth of the 1st formula, Créme de Rosto



1926: Apothecaries in the laboratory in Campo Grande, Lisbon



1927: Perfumery “Benamôr” Rua Augusta 200, Lisbon



1930: Poudre de Riz Benamôr, the ancestor of foundations



1931: The famous Benamôr toothpaste, for wonderful kisses and irresistible smiles



1932: Cologne Benamôr



1933: Benamôr factory in Campo Grande establishes itself as the factory for Benamôr products



1934: Oil, the first anti-hair loss treatment in Portugal



1935: Queen Amelie of Portugal gets us the stamp By appointment of the Royal House of Portugal



1939: Bronzaline, the first sunscreen cream in Portugal!



1962: ROUGE Benamôr, the first blush in Portugal



1970: Allantoin, miraculous hand cream



2017: Benamôr reopens its own store in Lisbon and begins international development




A century later, the creams in the Benamôr beauty recipes continue to be manufactured with love and care in our factory, based on 90% of natural ingredients and assets - mainly Portuguese -, carefully selected for their great qualities and unique characteristics, whose benefits hydration, repair, and skin protection are universally recognized. Our delicious recipes are prepared with:

Aloe vera, Argan oil, shea butter, beeswax, allantoin, glycerin, castor oil, carnauba wax, sunflower oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, plukenetia volubilis seed oil, lemon extract organic, organic extract of rose centifolia, organic rose buds, macadamia oil, soybean oil, rosehip seed oil, croton lechleri ​​resin extract, cananga odorata oil, angustifolia lavage oil, carrot extract, oil carrot seed.



We also believe that transparency is the essence of our beauty recipes, we consider our responsibility to explain the composition of each product on our website. In addition to using natural ingredients and banning mineral oils add all petroleum derivatives, we guarantee the freshness of our formulas using a minimum of preservative products, but never parabens or phenoxyethanol.

Our products are all Vegan except those that contain egg extract and natural beeswax: we have never found anything better to instantly transform cracked lips into mouths that demand kisses!



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