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Bluetooth Digital Pulse Oximeter - Beurer


Determines arterial oxygen saturation and heart rate. Includes 100 memory locations and well readable color display. The display contains 6 view..


Ex Tax: 88.80€


Camera with monitor BY 110 - Beurer


HD 720p WLAN camera with range up to 300 meters. "Beurer CareCam" is available for iPhone and Android and allows access to the camera any..


Ex Tax: 149.50€


Digital Pulse Oximeter - Beurer


Determines arterial oxygen saturation and heart rate. The display contains 6 viewing perspectives. Considered medical product...


Ex Tax: 48.00€


Ear and Forehead Digital Thermometer - FT65 - Beurer


The digital ear and forehead thermometer is a 3 in 1. Enables surface measurement and ambient temperature measurement. It is considered ideal f..


Ex Tax: 34.00€


Infrared heat massager


Promises a deep effect through infrared heat. Includes three replaceable massage accessories and two levels of operation...


Ex Tax: 27.90€


Massage Armchair Beurer - MC 3800


The Beurer MC 3800 high quality synthetic leather massage chair features an automatic body analysis function. Features: Whole body massage Cu..


Ex Tax: 1,350.00€


Nebulizer - IH 40 - Beurer


Nebulizer with ultrasonic technology for upper and lower airway treatment. It is a disinfectant equipment, mostly used in colds, asthma, and respir..


Ex Tax: 89.00€


Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer - FT 90 - Beurer


Infrared thermometer. Measurement without skin contact! The application is hygienic and safe. Contains 60 memory locations, XL size display, backli..


Ex Tax: 52.00€


Waterproof peeling and massage apparatus - MG 17 - Beurer


Appliance with peeling accessory: one side of luffa and one side of soft cotton.   It features a gentle vibrating massage with 12 studs. ..


Ex Tax: 14.90€


2 in 1 Face Brush - FC 49 - Beurer


For smooth skin and beautiful complexion. Vibration technology - promotes a smooth and even complexion and stimulates blood circulation in the face ..


Ex Tax: 36.50€


Air Purifier - LR 310 - Beurer


The Air Purifier from Beurer 310 is a high quality equipment that allows you to filter areas up to 56m2, using two methods of cleaning the triple air ..


Ex Tax: 220.00€


Analysis Scale - DS61 - Beurer


Ideal laboratory analysis scale, provides weighing, calculation, summing and memorization. It has 5kg capacity and minimum division of 1g...


Ex Tax: 49.50€

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Beurer - Specialist in health and well-being.

It is our aspiration to make our customers feel good. For this, Beurer develops our products and collaborates with first-class institutes, partners and consultants. Uses innovative technologies for your health.
We want you to feel good! Get inspired by our new products and enjoy the pure joy of living with Beurer!



Product ranges:

We offer a range of over 500 products. From medical products specializing in prevention and diagnostics, to weight and diagnostic products, to therapy devices and massagers in the wellness category, to our range of actives, consisting of activity sensors and heart rate monitors, you will find it all. that makes it a modern and healthy lifestyle. In the aesthetics and childcare sections, you will also find professional products that support your daily life. By continually adapting to new trends and taking into account the needs of our customers, we, as a full-line supplier, offer a complete range, from entry-level models to high-quality products. In doing so, we work together with world-class institutes, partners and advisors!

Our product ranges cover several areas:

  • babycare
  • Sport
  • Well-being
  • Doctor
  • Beauty


Only the best for our little ones

The Beurer childcare collection includes a carefully tailored range of products to meet all the needs of babies and parents: from baby monitors, clinical thermometers, baby scales and milk pumps to bottle warmers and steam sterilizers.


Pure zest for life with the perfect training partner

From activity trackers and heart rate monitors to electrostimulation with EMS / TENS and abdominal toning belts - the Beurer active range offers the perfect selection of products for beginners, sports enthusiasts and professionals to support an active lifestyle.



Products from the wellness range will make you feel good everywhere. From heating products, bathroom scales, kitchen scales and air and light therapy to massagers and a wide range of sleep and rest products, Beurer has everything you need for a modern, healthy lifestyle.

Prevention, diagnosis and therapy

Take care of your health! Our extensive line of blood pressure monitors has the right device for everyone. That means you always have access to your blood pressure at a glance!

feeling good means feeling beautiful

Discover our beauty range for professional salon-quality results - Beurer beauty products make skin smoother, firmer and beautiful, healthy hair easy to achieve, even at home. Facial, hair care, cellulite massage or long-lasting hair removal - take your professional beauty salon home.



German Brand Award 2017


Health and well-being since 1919.  From the start: Well-being for the whole family.

In 1919, Käthe and Eugen Beurer lived in poor conditions at Frauenstrasse 57 in Ulm. But the couple, in particular Käthe Beurer as the driving force, had an idea, a vision: as an alternative to the then-so-common hot water bottle, the pillows electrically operated heating systems would provide a cozy warmth in the future. A very practical invention at a time when central heating was not a standard feature of a home. Heinrich Stanger, from Reutlingen, was introduced to the manufacture of thermal pads while in the USA and, after his return to Ulm in 1908, he started production of the first models in Germany. The relevant experience was therefore available when Käthe Beurer and her husband ventured into self-employment in 1919. Despite all the difficult circumstances, "production" began, albeit in modest conditions at first. The first units were produced with two sewing machines in the bedroom of her house.

?Gewerbeeintrag Beurer 1919

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