The 10th of June is a national holiday in Portugal, commemorating the Day of Portugal, Camões, and the Portuguese Communities. We would like to mark this day by talking about emblematic Portuguese brands: Ach Brito/Confança, Benamor/Nally, Couto, Barral, Unii, Musa and Tradição Natural.

All these brands produce products in the field of beauty, with a more recent trend of environmental concern. All of them are of excellent quality!


Nally is one of the oldest companies in the country and was the most important and emblematic Portuguese company in the cosmetics and personal care sector in the last 90 years. It has superior quality in the cosmetic and domestic sectors and has continuously supplied international brands. It was founded by a pharmacist in 1925, in Campo Grande in Lisbon.

Its soaps are unique, the shower gel is delicious, coffrets for its offerings and the very creamy hand gel acclaimed by famous international personalities. Read the next story!

Pierre Stark fell in love with Benamor when he went to a Portuguese vintage products store two years ago, and learned about the success of the hand cream of the brand had caused in a store of the sophisticated and exclusive brand Yves Saint Laurent, in Paris. “It has a light texture but is not immediately absorbed by the skin, almost like a glove, with a citronella scent”, explains Pierre Stark.

Benamor cream, that “lovely beauty product that gives the skin a lovely tone of freshness”. It has always been appreciated, for example, by clients such as Salazar and Rainha D. Amélia.

1956-Jun. Eva - Creme Benamor

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“It's been on everyone's lips” since 1932. Couto toothpaste stands out for its extraordinarily fresh and menthol flavor. Pasta Dentífrica Couto's television advertising campaigns were milestones in the history of advertising in Portugal as they were memorable.

Using a modern laboratory, but faithful to tradition and the old recipe, the COUTO® brand paste continues to be produced in a semi-handcrafted way, without using ingredients of animal origin and always with the aim of giving its products the best quality, through strict control.


Other products also come out of the factory, including perfumes, creams ( ), soaps, coffrets, vaseline that keeps the old stroke, the old design is kept, with only some slight changes.

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Ach Brito

The first national soap factory and perfumes was founded by two Germans in 1887 in Porto, after the first world war. It would then pass into the Portuguese hands of collaborator Achilles Alves de Brito.

Today, renewed but always preserving the excellence of its quality, the company is responsible for the Claus Porto and Ach brands. Brit. Claus Porto has a signature synonymous with luxury in soaps all over the world.

These soaps are still manufactured, using only natural ingredients: the secret of their quality is due to the mixing process, repeated seven times, and drying. that ensure fragrance and consistency until the end.

The historic packaging was recovered, undoubtedly being a vintage brand!


Over the decades, many perfumes and colognes have perfumed the Portuguese. Lavanda, Antiga, Della, Héliotrope, and Floréla, are just some of the names that are part of the vast historical collection of perfumes from Ach. Brito, some of which are still on sale decades after their release.

The new fragrances are inspired by the timelessness of the iconic eau de cologne Lavender, the new fragrances are made with quality essences, by the hands of the best perfumers.


The very fresh and iconic cologne Lavender over the decades has perfumed the Portuguese.


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The Barral brand has been taking care of the skin of Portuguese families for 185 years. Barral is a century-old brand founded in 1835, at the Barral pharmacy, on Rua do Ouro, in Lisbon, with the mission of promoting the well-being of the skin of the whole family.

Its purpose stands out for the simplicity and efficiency of its products that are perfectly adapted to the needs of the whole family and of all stages of life.

It focuses on unique formulas with scientifically proven effectiveness.

One of the best known (and oldest) creams is the fat cream by the brand, which was marketed in pharmacies from 1950 onwards. It was a product that did very well received for its moisturizing power. Nowadays, it has an extensive range of products ranging from baby care, intimate hygiene products, to moisturizing creams for the elderly. All with innovative ingredients.

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MUSA is a recent brand for the production of artisanal and natural cosmetics, with a strong embellishment of packaging and products, with color, textures and patterns that make the products speak for themselves.


It has a range of products for body, face, hair, and lips, made with natural raw materials, without unnecessary chemicals!

It is a brand with an environmental concern.


The word MUSE has a strong connotation. It is a mythological being that influences those who evoke them. MUSE is nature. It is from her that we get all our ingredients, aromas, textures… MUSA also intends to be the inspiration for those who want to take care of themselves, their body, and make it more beautiful in a natural way. The slogan – Inspires Beauty – closes the whole concept and elevates MUSA to become an inspirational and aspirational brand.

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UNII – Organic Skin Food assumes itself as an organic cosmetics brand from Portugal to the world.

“Unii” of universe and union, of preservation of this universe, and of union with all its inhabitants, people, animals, and plants.

Dive deep into nature to offer products as close to nature as possible, authentic and true. It aspires to be the best food for your skin. Biological, of course! Certified, effective, healthy, and sustainable organic cosmetics.

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Natural Tradition

Natural Tradition was born from the urgent need to change mentalities and lifestyles, through a more ecological and environmentally friendly choice. The products are produced from natural raw materials and biodegradable, through artisanal techniques and with a reduced impact on the environment.

Passionate about the knowledge of the past, using natural products and artisanal production methods, we have developed a line of soap for hair and body, which contributes to your well-being.

All packaging is recycled or reused. All the plastics present in the packaging come from other packaging, so we can protect your products and reuse plastics. Reuse and recycle!

Why a Natural and Handmade Soap? Soap is a product used daily in personal hygiene and maybe that's why we don't give due importance to the type of product we use. By opting for a natural product, you are opting for a series of advantages compared to industrialized products.

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