During pregnancy, the body undergoes immense changes, both due to hormonal changes and weight gain. The gradual increase in the size of the baby during pregnancy requires the progressive stretching of the skin to accompany the baby's development.

Thus, taking care of the skin during pregnancy is fundamental to avoid the formation of the "famous" stretch marks. 

In addition, increased skin dehydration and loss of elasticity are other common effects.

The good news is that we can adopt some precautions to prevent skin dehydration and loss of elasticity and, consequently, the appearance of stretch marks. 

Barral has created the MotherProtect line, tested and developed specifically to meet the needs of hydration and skin care during and after pregnancy. 

This line consists of 3 products, the Almond Oil Fat Cream, the Almond Oil Lotion, and the Nipple Protector Cream, which came to revolutionize the skin care of pregnant women and new mothers.


Both Almond Oil Fatty Cream and Almond Oil Lotion are designed to prevent the appearance of stretch marks during and after pregnancy. Both provide greater hydration and elasticity to the skin. 

The function of the Nipple Protector Cream is to protect, moisturize, and prevent nipple dryness and repair nipple crevices. Without preservatives and additives in its composition, it contains only moisturizing and emollient ingredients that are 100% natural and can be an aid in caring for the skin during pregnancy and postpartum. Best of all, moms can breastfeed without extra care.

Routine for well hydrated and nourished skin throughout pregnancy

In the morning and whenever necessary, apply the Almond Oil Lotion, which provides fast absorbing hydration, and at night apply the Almond Oil Fatty Cream

It is advised to start this routine from the first weeks of pregnancy and continue for 30 to 45 days after delivery. 

The application should not only be restricted to the belly area, but also to the breasts, thighs, hips, and buttocks, which are areas of distension.

The combination of the Almond Oil Lotion and the Almond Oil Fatty Cream is a real must-have, not only acting in the prevention of stretch marks, but also reducing the visibility of existing stretch marks.

Code: SGPPC/LA/BRR/2023Q1-14
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