On this Mother's Day we remembered to honor a very special Portuguese mother who made a piece entitled “Mãe Coragem e os Her Children”. We are referring to dear actress Eunice Muñoz.

In this article we will therefore abort fantastic stories of mothers. And if mother is the one who takes care, the Wolf who breastfed the twins Rómulo and Remo, she was a mother!

Let's start with “Mother Courage and her children” represented by actress Eunice Muñoz.

It is a play from 1941, written by the German Bertold Brecht.

It depicts the fate of Anna Fierling, nicknamed "Mother Courage", a peddler who follows the Swedish Army and is determined to make a living from war. Mother Courage is a saleswoman who travels with her cart and her children, Eilif, Queijinho and Kattrin (who is mute). She does everything she can to make sure her sons don't leave her to go fight in the war. However, she ends up losing her three children, sacrificed by the war. First the honest Swiss Cheese, then the soldier Eilif, and finally the mute Katrin, killed for trying to save her mother.

The play is considered by many to be one of the most important of the 20th century, and perhaps the most important antiwar play of all time.



The story of the wolf who suckled Romulus and Remus.

The myth of the foundation of Rome has the twins Romulus and Remus as protagonists. Abandoned in a basket in the waters of the River Tiber, they were saved by a she-wolf, who nursed them and watched them grow. As an adult, Romulus killed Remus and then founded Rome eight centuries before Christ.

Filipa de Lencastre the mother of the Portuguese discoveries


The princess who came from England conquered the Portuguese. Her marriage to the master of Avis represented a new dynasty in the history of Portugal. D. Filipa gave the kingdom notable children, brought new habits to the court and supported the expedition to Ceuta. Mother of illustrious children, whom Luís de Camões designated as Ínclita Geração in “Os Lusíadas”.

Catherine de Medici, mother of three kings of France



When her husband Henry died, one of their sons (Francis II) became king at the age of 15, but died just a year later. The tragic event brought another 10-year-old son, Charles IX, to the throne, promoting Catherine as regent. She ruled a France divided by civil and religious war, doing what she could to keep her family together.

In 1572, Catholic Charles IX ordered a coup that culminated in the bloody Saint Bartholomew's Day Massacre, which ultimately affected Catherine's reputation as a traitor and conspirator. However, she continued to be a powerful advisor to the next king, her other son Henry III.



Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen


Cleopatra was the mother of four children, three by Mark Antony and one by Julius Caesar. Some of her political influence in Rome stemmed from these blood ties to the emperors, which allowed her even more freedom to lead her own kingdom in Egypt.

Daughter with Down syndrome inspires children's book author to create a fantastic world

A nine-year-old girl became a character in her mother's stories, created after a photo shoot in which she posed on stage and dressed in medieval clothes. “When I looked at the photos, they were talking to me, taking me to a different world, a magical world. So I started writing the story and posting it on social media. People started following, and with each photo I posted, I wrote a small part of the book.”

Do you know other known or anonymous mother stories? Practice with us!!