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Extrator elétrico duplo - Swing Maxi Flex - Medela


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  • Brand: Medela
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The swing maxi flex breast pump promises an extra bottle in half the time.   For moms who need an extra bottle in half the time. This porta.. See More

The swing maxi flex breast pump promises an extra bottle in half the time.


For moms who need an extra bottle in half the time. This portable double electric breast pump with 2-Phase Expression® technology is ideal whether you want to maintain your milk supply, need help with breastfeeding issues, or simply want to spend more time with your baby. your baby and less time expressing milk.

New PersonalFit Flex™ funnel – a completely new pumping experience customized for you.

Double pumping – for more milk with a higher energy content than pumping one breast at a time.

Medela's 2-Phase Expression® Technology – mimics baby's suckling for a more natural pumping experience.

Engine warranty: 2 years.


Medela Flex Technology:

New, unique funnel that offers a demonstrably better fit.
oval shape. It can be rotated 360º.
Soft and flexible edge. Provides a comfortable and effective seal.
Double pumping allows for better drainage of the breast allowing for an increase in milk production.
Provides milk with a higher energy content, with the 2 phase expression system.

What's Included:

1 unit Swing Maxi engine
1 power adapter
2 bottles of 150 ml with cap
2 bottle holders
2 PersonalFit Flex™ connectors





Additional information

Double pumping: More milk in less time
Using a double breast pump is the best way to maximize the amount of milk you express. Find out how double pumping works and what benefits it has for you and your baby

extracao dupla


Dr Danielle Prime, Breastfeeding Research Associate, Medela:
Research carried out by Danielle, an expert on the hormone oxytocin – essential for the release of breast milk – has contributed to the understanding of how breastfeeding works. As part of the Department of Medical Research, she conducts clinical research at an international level, which contributes to updating and designing evidence-based products.
Did you know that double pumping is more effective than single pumping? This means that if you are expressing regularly – perhaps because your newborn cannot feed directly from your breast, because you are back at work, or because you need to increase your milk supply – double pumping may be best. way to ensure that your baby continues to receive your breast milk.

Why double pumping is so effective
While it may be obvious that double pumping saves time, our research team knew that there were also studies suggesting that this method helped mothers express more milk.1,2 We were keen to understand why. So we studied a group of mothers during a double pumping session and then again during a session where they pumped one breast at a time.

Causes additional milk letdown

What we found is fascinating: double pumping sessions actually produced significantly more milk – 18% on average.3 We also discovered why: double stimulation was more effective at getting the milk-releasing hormone oxytocin to flow, for this, the mothers had an additional milk letdown.

Of course babies are the experts when it comes to getting breast milk. But double extraction comes very close to what they can do. One theory holds that even though the baby only drinks from one breast at a time, he is usually in very close contact with the mother while breastfeeding, which is very good for the release of oxytocin. Perhaps double pumping works in the same way as it involves twice the contact and stimulation, encouraging the release of oxytocin and, consequently, more milk.

It is important to note that while double pumping improves pumping efficiency, this does not mean that mothers using this technique are on the way to overproducing milk. Our study also does not suggest that double pumping is better than a baby; rather reveals that single sequential pumping is not as good as a baby and that double pumping is closer to that gold standard.

Provides milk with a higher fat content
Another startling finding was that the milk that mothers expressed during double pumping had a higher fat content than when expressing from one breast at a time. Why? Breast drainage is key.

During breastfeeding or expressing, the fat content of milk increases steadily. As double pumping results in additional let-down and 18% more milk, breast drainage is more complete. So the higher fat content is just a sign that the breasts are draining well during double pumping rather than single pumping. For premature babies who can only drink small amounts of milk each day, this higher calorie content can be particularly helpful.

The effectiveness of double pumping is also important because a well-drained breast tells your system to produce more milk, while milk left behind after an ineffective pump sends a signal that more milk is not needed. That's why frequent and effective pumping is so important for your milk production.

Choosing the right double breast pump for you
We've already shown that double extraction makes sense if you need to extract regularly; but which breast pump should you choose? Medela has a variety of double breast pumps that you can use at home, work, or on the go, as well as the Symphony, the hospital-grade electric double breast pump that is found in many maternity wards, or that you can rent for personal use. . For help deciding which one is right for you, read How to choose a breast pump.

Hands-free pumping: Perfect for busy moms
For excellent comfort, you can use your double breast pump with a bra designed especially for pumping, such as Medela's Easy Expression top, which keeps the breast shields in place and leaves your hands free while expressing. In addition to making the pump's controls easier to operate, it's ideal if you want to do other things while pumping, like playing with your baby, eating, reading, or using your phone or computer.

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