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Moisturizing Cream Barral BabyProtect - 400ml


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  • Brand: Barral
  • Product Code: MM-CHBB400
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​Moisturizing Cream is a nourishing cream, easy to apply and fast absorption. Reconstitutes and protects the skin's hydrolipidic barrier. .. See More

Moisturizing Cream is a nourishing cream, easy to apply and fast absorption.

Reconstitutes and protects the skin's hydrolipidic barrier.

  • Helps to rebalance the skin flora and protect the skin barrier from environmental aggressions
  • Contributes to reducing dryness on babies' sensitive and delicate skin
  • Softens the skin and helps relieve irritations


  • Body
  • Normal or dry skin
  • Relieves irritation and itching
  • peeling skin
  • non-greasy texture
  • No parabens or glycols
  • hypoallergenic
  • non-comedogenic
  • Tested under dermatological and pediatric control


  • Apply daily to clean, dry skin on the body.
  • Insist on especially dry areas.
  • Repeat the application whenever necessary.

Main Ingredients
Biolin, a dermatological prebiotic



Linum Extract, Biolin® Dermatological Prebiotic, Chamomile Extract, Calendula Oil and Rice Oil


Proven results:

  • 97% Xerosis Reduction*
  • 96% Reduction of Erythema*
  • 92% Reduction of Edema*

*After 56 days, in 30 children (0-3 years), with atopic dermatitis.



  • Width: 6.0cm
  • Height: 20.5cm
  • Depth: 6.0cm







Additional information

Baby's Skin
During childhood, a baby's and child's skin is smooth and soft, but only for a very short period, as age brings about a wide variety of changes, both natural and external.

A baby's skin is more sensitive when compared to that of adults, being distinguished by the extreme fragility of its stratum corneum - a layer with several layers of dead cells that defend the lower layers of the skin against injuries - which not only makes it very more susceptible to aggression from external agents, as well as more permeable to the absorption of substances capable of causing irritation.

Baby's skin is also more prone to dryness, given its lower water retention capacity, making it crucial to pay attention to very specific needs, such as daily hydration.

The Barral BabyProtect range is a specialist in baby skin care, whether normal or atopic, keeping it smooth, hydrated and without irritation.

Advanced protection for baby's skin with the Barral BabyProtect range



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