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Cotton Diapers Mousseline - Pink Pack

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  • Brand: Cotton baby
  • Product Code: MM-BA105
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Cotton Baby (CottonBaby), a Portuguese brand that creates its products in Mousseline fabric, using sustainable raw materials, such as 100% Organic cot.. See More

Cotton Baby (CottonBaby), a Portuguese brand that creates its products in Mousseline fabric, using sustainable raw materials, such as 100% Organic cotton that makes up the Pink Pack.

Baby Cotton Producers accompany your baby from day one.

The durability of the materials allows multipurpose use, over time.

The fabric is ultra breathable.

Size: 65 x 65cm


We use recycled paper packaging, a commitment to the planet!

In the cotton baby we use organic materials, of sustainable origin!







Additional information


Curiosity: Sustainable x recycled, which paper is the best?

Many companies are thinking of converting to environmentally sustainable practices. This behavior helps to protect the world we live in, but it also helps the company and employees to feel good, because trees are being used responsibly, forests are better protected and the footprint in the world is reduced.

Recycled paper
When most people think of sustainable paper, the first thought is to use recycled paper. Recycling saves energy, preserves trees and uses less landfill space. However, there are disadvantages to recycling. Paper recycling uses more energy than plastic recycling, so it is less environmentally friendly. It also requires chemicals to remove the ink before the paper is processed. These chemicals and other solids (such as paint itself and small fibers) still reach the landfill and, potentially, our water.
Recycling also encourages the use of paper. Yes, we need to use paper in a number of ways, but the best way to keep the environment safe is to reduce the use of paper itself. When you know that you can simply recycle any paper you use, you are more likely to continue using the same amount.

The alternative
Recycling is a good thing, even with limitations. But there are other ways to create a sustainable paper model using high quality paper that meets the needs of the company. Sustainability is not just about the environment, although that is a big part of it. To be truly sustainable, environmental, social and economic sustainability must work together.
The best sustainability model is environmentally friendly in the first place. Then it meets the needs of society and the economy. With the right practices, we can use trees that produce high quality paper without cutting down old forests that are so important to the environment.
In addition, trees should be easily harvested, planted in a way and area that does not interfere with nature, and use rainwater optimally. We must be able to produce a quantity large enough to supply enough paper and keep costs low enough to make this solution affordable.


Double A Sustainable Approach
Double A uses hardwood that was specifically developed to be a sustainable paper tree. Years of research have created a tree that creates pulp of the highest quality and has qualities that make it ideal for sustainability. The Double A paper tree matures quickly, in three to five years, which means that we don't need to cut old leaves for our paper. Uniform and consistent growth without root end means easy maintenance and maximum usability.
Better yet, this tree grows well in the unused crevices of the rice paddies, so it does not need premium space that must be occupied by the forests that protect and provide for wildlife. Fewer leaves allow sunlight to reach rice paddies.
During the manufacturing process, no water or part of the tree is wasted. Everything is converted into biomass fuels, which support the Double A. Double A plant also pays farmers and local schools to plant and maintain the trees, which contributes to the local economy and supports the educational system.
Try Double A Paper for yourself
Sustainability is important. We only have one planet to live on and we need to use resources wisely. With the right ecological practices, we can do this, creating a better role for a better world.


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