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Dermal Iodopovidone 10% - 500ml


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10% iodopovidone, 1% iodine active. Iodopovidone is an effective broad-spectrum antiseptic having fungicidal, bactericidal and sporicidal action, a.. See More

10% iodopovidone, 1% iodine active.

Iodopovidone is an effective broad-spectrum antiseptic having fungicidal, bactericidal and sporicidal action, also destroying protozoa.

Recommended for external use. Can be used on large surfaces.

Outras designações: Betadine®, Povidine®, Salvelox®, Inadine®, Braunoderm®, Dermodine®, Needs®, Agadine®, Egrena®




• Indicated for disinfection and hygiene of the skin, mucous membranes, burns and wounds.

• Used in prophylaxis and as an adjuvant in the treatment of infection in interdigital mycoses (eg athlete's foot) and seborrheic dermatitis.

• Used by nursing in the therapy of leg ulcers as an adjuvant.

• Used before and after surgical procedures for hand washing, with a bactericidal effect.

• Iodopolividone (active substance) is indicated for antisepsis of the skin and / or scalp.

• Use of this product is recommended for cleaning hands and minor injuries; as an aid in the prevention and treatment of skin conditions (boils, acnes, impetigo, infectious dermatitis and superficial dermatomycoses); in the hygiene of the body (bath), reducing strong odors coming from the microbial load of the skin and as an antiseptic of the vaginal mucosa.


Contraindication of Iodopolvidone:

• Do not use in people with thyroid disease symptoms.

• Do not use in newborns or during breast-feeding.

• It should not be used in conjunction with products containing mercury.

• Iodopolividone (active substance) is contraindicated in patients with hypersensitivity to iodine.

• This medicine should not be used by pregnant women without medical advice.


Iodopolividone Drug Interaction:

Absorption of iodine contained in Iodopolividone (active substance) may interfere with thyroid function tests.


Precautions for Iodopolvidone:

Iodopolividone (active substance) is for external use only and eye contact should be avoided.

In cases of deep injury or severe burns, administer cautionally, especially in pregnant women and neonates, due to the possibility of iodine being absorbed and interfering with thyroid metabolism and function.

Results of efficacy of iodopovidone:

Iodopolividone (active substance) has a long history of use in the antisepsis of skin and mucous membranes, as well as in the treatment of minor injuries. This iodophore has germicidal action on gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, fungi. Several studies have shown that iodopolvidone (active substance) in low concentrations (0.1 to 1%) is effective against several bacterial and viral strains. Iodopolividone (active substance) may be used as an antiseptic soap in the skin and scalp at a concentration of 7 mg / g in a number of situations where skin antisepsis is required. The antiseptic action of Iodopolividone (active substance) was evaluated through a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial, which demonstrated that the 7 mg / g Iodopolividone (active substance) soap reduced the microorganism count when compared to the initial and placebo counts.


Pharmacological properties of iodopovidone:

Iodopolividone (active substance) is an iodophore resulting from the complexation of iodine with the polyvinyl pyrrolidone polymer. This complex, called polyvinyl pyrrolidone iodine, provides greater stability and gradual release of iodine, by performing germicidal action on gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, fungi and viruses.

The mechanism of action of Iodopolividone (active substance) is similar to that of iodine, oxidizing enzymes and proteins essential to microbial metabolism, as well as the unsaturated fatty acids of the cell membranes of these microorganisms.


Sizes: 10ml / 125ml / 500ml.

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