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Rua de Barreiros, 74,
4715-166 Nogueira,
Braga, Portugal

Rua do Monte de S. Bento, lote 11 e 12,
4705-700 Fradelos,
Braga, Portugal


+351 253 257 148 (Seg-Sex: 9h00-19h00) (Chamada para a rede fixa nacional)
Hand Disinfectant Promanum - 500ml
Hand Disinfectant Promanum - 500ml

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  • Stock: In stock
  • Brand: B Braun
  • Model: MM-DF500

Antiseptic solution for hand disinfection.

Contains selected moisturizers for sensitive skin.

​Promanum Hand Sanitizer is a high quality disinfectant fully certified for hospital use. Produced in Germany by B Braun is widely used with incredible results by both health professionals and individuals.



  • Alcohol-based solution, ready to use.
  • For pre-surgical hand hygiene and / or preparation.
  • Effective against bacteria including MRSA, mycobacteria, fungi, virus (HBV / HIV / HCV, Herpes simplex, vaccinia, rotavirus and norovirus).
  • Long lasting action.
  • Contains isopropyl myristate that ensures skin smoothness and protection
  • Composition: 73.4 g ethanol (100%) and 10 g 2-propanol per 100 g solution. Tested according to EN 12054/13727, EN 1275, EN 14348, EN 13624, EN 1500, EN 12791 standards.



  • Wide spectrum of action, high effectiveness and accessibility.
  • Residual action for 3 hours.
  • Application time: 30 sec. hand hygiene and 1 min. in preoperative preparation (asepsis)


Quantity: 500ml


Excipient list: Polyvidone, sorbitol, isopropyl myristate, PCL-liquid, Perfume Flair PH, 799893/731960, Standard Blue V / E 131, CI No. 42051 (85%), Quinoline Yellow / E104, CI No. 47005 (70 %), purified water.


Application Type: Localized application on the skin.


Product Use: Hygienic and surgical hand disinfection.




Extra Info

Hands are the main vehicle for transmitting microorganisms from one individual to another or from the environment to the individual. Therefore, hand hygiene is the main measure of control of healthcare associated infection and with indirect impact on the control of antimicrobial resistance is unquestionable.


Hand hygiene

Hand hygiene should be carried out in accordance with the WHO's “Five Moments” conceptual model, which correspond to indications that hand hygiene is mandatory in clinical practice.

The “Five Moments” for hand hygiene are:

  • I - Before contact with the patient;
  • II - Before clean or aseptic contacts;
  • III - After risk of exposure to organic fluids;
  • IV - After contact with the patient;
  • V - After contact with the patient's environment.



Hand hygiene techniques

  • Wash with soap and water
  • Antiseptic friction
  • Preoperative hand preparation


Antiseptic friction

  • The alcohol-based antiseptic solution, for example Promanun, is currently the product of choice for hand hygiene. Hand skin has been shown to tolerate alcoholic solutes better with appropriate emollients than frequent soap and water washes. The effectiveness in reducing transient flora is identical or even greater.
  • Hand hygiene with soap and water and alcohol-based antiseptic solution should not be routinely performed at the same time.
  • The amount of Promanun required should be proportional to the size of the hands, its temperature and the ambient temperature.
  • How should antiseptic hand rubbing be performed?
  • Apply Promanun to dry hands and rub all areas for 20 to 30 seconds;





Department of Health Quality / Patient Safety Division. Normative Circular No. 13 of 06/04/2010. Good Practice Guidance for Hand Hygiene in Health Units.

Directorate-General for Health. Standard No. 29/2012 of 28/12/2012. Basic Infection Control Precautions.

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