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Diagonal Tip Clamp - 8cm


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Description: Tough clamp with diagonal tips. Size: 8 cm Application: Used both by professionals, in aesthetic offices, and by the.. See More

Description: Tough clamp with diagonal tips.

Size: 8 cm

Application: Used both by professionals, in aesthetic offices, and by the public, usually at home, for hair removal.

Indication: Ideal for areas with few hairs, such as eyebrows and chin. Very useful for removing hairs resistant to other techniques.

Benefits: Removes the hair from the root, increasing the time interval for the next removal intervention. They do not cause any sagging, because if the extraction is well done it does not cause any damage to the skin.

Number of sessions: Weekly retouching is required.


 It is a versatile tool that should be part of any hygiene kit!  





Types of tweezers: There are four types of tweezers suitable and designed for each type of user and hair - short, thin, long and thick.

- Diagonal or bevelled (1) and (3) - Are the most acquired to remove any type of hair. It is indicated to those who make their own eyebrows, as it allows greater control and precision at the time of epilation, since their inclination facilitates the visualization of the hairs and helps to delineate the shape of the eyebrow. Suitable for extracting the middle and short roots, especially those that form the sides of the eyebrows.
 - Round tip (2) - indicated for beginners in the handling of the tweezers, for those who still have little experience, since they help to remove the hairs in any direction in which they are.
 - Straight or square (4) - Allows to remove large amounts of hairs. The wide or square tips on tweezers are designed to have precision over short and thick (thick). The firmness with the tip allows it to adhere to the hair and prevents it from breaking if it is handled with the proper force (without tightening the thread with exaggeration). Indicated to extract by the middle and long ones around the eyebrow. Therefore, whenever you need to remove those between your eyebrows or forming excess, this is the best type of tweezers.
 - Fine tip or scalpel (5) - Designed to remove fines, ingrown or short, and especially those that are very close to each other. Suitable for when hairs are in the early stages of growth (when they are born). Very useful for drawing finer and finer eyebrow formats Usually used by professionals because these tweezers require skill and care of those who handle it as it can seriously injure the skin with its tip.
  Hygiene issues: Be careful to disinfect the forceps with alcohol before each use. The clamp is an object of personal hygiene that should not be shared.

 A well made eyebrow makes all the difference to highlight look.

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