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10ml Purifying Diffusion - Pranarom


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​The Purifying Blend for the diffuser contains 100% bio-certified essential oils. Pau de Hô, sweet orange, balsamic fir, Niaouli and Madagasc.. See More

​The Purifying Blend for the diffuser contains 100% bio-certified essential oils.

Pau de Hô, sweet orange, balsamic fir, Niaouli and Madagascar citronella combine properties to purify the air in your baby's room in a lasting way, allowing you to breathe better.

Directions for use: From 3 months, 3 drops in the diffuser specially designed to spread to the baby 30 minutes before bedtime.

Composition:  100% organic essential oils *: Ravintsara, Rosewood, Niaouli, Wild pine

* Ingredient from organic agriculture (Certisys BE-BIO-01 control) - ECOGARANTIE ® certified product according to ECOGARANTIE specifications (CERTISYS control).

Precautions: Keep out of reach of children. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. Do not release in the presence of children with a history of febrile seizures or epilepsy.







If essential oils are true allies in your daily life, you should know how to use them with care and even more so for your baby or toddler. The use of essential oils on your child requires a good knowledge of aromatherapy and strict adherence to dosages. Want to know more?



Essential oils for babies
First, you should know that it is not recommended to use essential oils under the age of three months and that not all essential oils are allowed even after this age. Because we advise against the use of essential oils before 3 months, babies are too young to be exposed to these active substances.

However, in Strasbourg, a study in neonatology showed that the spread of Vanilla had a positive impact on the respiratory rate of premature babies and on the reduction of sudden death. Thanks to this study, we know that certain essential oils, used wisely, can have beneficial effects for babies. However, it is essential to be supervised by a healthcare professional.


Baby essential oils

Essential oils are active substances, concentrated and very powerful. They can be natural allies for your baby on a daily basis, if used with care and knowledge. To get you started, here are some essential precautions, as well as a summary table that will help you mix essential oils and vegetable oils according to your child's age.


Precautionary measures
The choice of essential oil is essential: prohibition of the use of neurotoxic essential oils such as: peppermint, rosemary and camphor, mentholated eucalyptus, and also neurotonic and dermocaustic ones, such as: Cinnamon, Oregano, Thyme, Thymol, Salty, ...
It is not taken orally before the age of 6 years. Before that age, always favor the cutaneous, diffusion or rectal route.
In the cutaneous route, always in dilution and maximum at 30%. (dilution with vegetable oil)
If using a photo-sensitizing essential oil, do not expose to the sun for 6 hours after use.
Do not apply to ears, eyes or nose.
This advice also applies to adults: start with an essential oil skin test by diluting a drop in a little water and applying the mixture to the crease of the baby's elbow. The skin is very fragile there, it's a good allergy test. No reaction for 24 hours, you can use the essential oil.
It is best to consult a doctor before using.
Dilution table for children

tableau dilution
For the cutaneous route, the treatment is carried out close to the target organ. (For example, stomach pain = massaging the stomach)
For diffusion, 3 drops in an ultrasonic diffuser at a rate of half an hour, then wait half an hour to go to bed. Do not transmit when the child is sleeping.

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