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Electric double breast pump - Freestyle - Medela


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  • Brand: Medela
  • Product Code: MM-ELEDFS
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The flexibility to extract anytime and anywhere.   Designed to adapt to different lifestyles. Light and compact, easy to carry w.. See More

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The flexibility to extract anytime and anywhere.


Designed to adapt to different lifestyles.

  • Light and compact, easy to carry wherever you go.
  • Includes built-in USB rechargeable battery, to be able to express milk anywhere, without having to look for an outlet.
  • Contains bluetooth to connect with APP MyMedela and power extraction sessions and being able to time the extraction sessions. Connect to the free MyMedela application - download and register to monitor the progress of the extraction


With Flex technology, you have:

  • Funnels that fit the shape of the mother's breast;
  • Oval shape and can rotate 360º;
  • Soft, soft and flexible edge;
  • "2-Phase Expression" based on research that mimics baby's sucking rhythm - stimulation and extraction.



  • USB-C motor power adapter with cable;
  • 2 PersonalFit Flex Funnels Size S and M;
  • 4 150ml bottles with cap and 2 bottle holders;
  • Thermal bag with cooling plate and carrying case;
  • Instructions for use.
  • Engine warranty: 2 years.


Extratores de leite duplos


Watch two videos about Freestyle:

Introducing Freestyle Flex ™: Discover the ways that Freestyle Flex ™ can fit into your life

How to use Freestyle Flex ™: See how simple it can be to collect your breast milk with Freestyle Flex ™. Learn how to use the Freestyle Flex breastpump, an electric breastpump designed to fit your life: its light and compact design and the USB chargeable battery give you the flexibility to express milk wherever you are and whenever you want, without compromising extraction performance.





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