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Doudou diffuser - Pranarom


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Ultrasonic diffuser with night light. Hevea wood. Use only 100% natural and 100% pure essential oils suitable for diffusion. Before using the .. See More

Ultrasonic diffuser with night light. Hevea wood.

Use only 100% natural and 100% pure essential oils suitable for diffusion.

Before using the diffuser, carefully read the information leaflet inside the box.

"Hello, my name is Doudou. I diffuse a subtle fragrance and with a discreet light according to your desire: I am a small lighted diffuser that I only need to be in the living spaces of your little ones;

If you adopt me, I will be the companion of every night and with all my animal friends, I will take care of their sleep: welcome to the sweetest dreams and peaceful nights for the whole family!

I'm not greedy: just a few drops of diffusing essential oils selected for the baby in my water reservoir and a little electricity, and I'm ready to secure my mission. See you soon, Doudou."



Continuous / discontinuous mode: 30 seconds on / 30 seconds off
Duration: continuous 1h/3h/7h
In day care centers, choose intermittent mode and do not broadcast for more than one hour.
Ambient light selection: Intense; Soft; Respi Zen (progressive); When falling asleep: turns off after 30 minutes; Light in independent diffusion mode.
Coverage area: 15-20m2


For the child's room, preferably choose discontinuous mode and do not broadcast for more than an hour.


Some aromatherapy tips to take full advantage of DOUDOU:
From 3 months of age 30 minutes before bedtime:
To facilitate your baby's sleep and help him to sleep calmly, diffuse 3 drops of PranaBB "Sleep" diffusion mixture from Pranarôm;
To purify the air your baby breathes, diffuse 3 drops of PranaBB "Purifying" diffusion mix from Pranarôm;
To ward off mosquitoes and protect the baby, spread 3 drops of Pranarôm's ParanaBB "Citronela" diffusion mix.



Pranarom Doudou essential oil diffuser
The Pilau Pranarom essential oil diffuser is an essential oil diffuser of high technological quality, specifically designed for the nursery or children's room. Under the effect of ultrasonic vibrations, essential oils adapted for pediatric use, suspended in water, are dispersed in millions of microparticles in the form of aromatic mist. It is used in their living spaces to:


Purify and aromatize the air you breathe.
Create a subtle olfactory atmosphere.
Moisten and ionize the air to improve quality.


Instructions for use of the Doudou ultrasonic essential oil diffuser
Place between 3 and 20 drops of essential oil into the water tank of the Pranarom Doudou essential oil diffuser for a 15-minute to 4-hour diffusion session.


from 3 months:
To help your baby sleep and help him to fall asleep calmly, spray 3 drops of Pranarom PranaBB Sleep Mix for 30 minutes in the baby's room before going to bed.
To clean the air the baby breathes , spread 3 drops of Pranarom PranaBB Pranarôm 30 minutes into the baby's room before going to bed.
To repel mosquitoes and protect the baby from unwanted ones, spread 3 drops Pranarom PranaBB Pranarôm Pranarom Diffusion for 30 minutes in the baby's room before going to bed.

Characteristics of the essential oils diffuser Doudou Pranarom
To get the most out of Doudou, the special diffuser for babies, Pranarôm recommends using it 30 minutes before bedtime for babies 3 months and older . It is completely silent and has a manual or automatic shutdown mode.

Use to help your baby sleep and help him to fall asleep calmly, to clean the air he breathes or to keep mosquitoes away and protect him...

ultrasonic diffusion
Wood: noble material and plastic: for safety
2 functions: 30 minutes continuous and alternating: 20 second transmission cycle - 40 second interval for 1h30
LED light 3 colors to choose: blue-pink-white
Nightlight: independent diffusion control

Doudou is an essential oil diffuser specially designed for baby's living spaces.
Safe and easy to use, this ultrasonic diffuser allows you to safely diffuse some of the highest quality essential oils (HECT) to care for your little ones.



Usage Precautions
Read instructions carefully before use.

Clean the diffuser once a month according to the method recommended in the instructions.

Pranarôm has placed the safety of baby and children at the forefront. The harmonious design’ offers great stability and the materials are very resistant. Doudou operates on the mains and is very easy to use as well as easy to maintain. A safe choice.

Precautions for the use of essential oils by diffusion
Certain essential oils are discouraged or even contraindicated in diffusion. Read the instructions for the use of essential oils that you want to transmit through your ultrasonic nebulizer.

The Benefits of Doudou Essential Oils Ultrasonic Diffuser
Healthier air for children and babies: under the effect of imperceptible vibrations, essential oils spilled into the water are dispersed in a beneficial aromatic mist. The air is humidified and sanitized. Cold diffusion, safe and effective.
Easy to use and easy to maintain.
The device is illuminated by very soft LED light, 3 color LED light to choose from: blue-pink-white.
A friendly friend: Doudou's "night light" function and friendly ‘design’ make it a very useful everyday object.

Doudou, the special Pranarom baby diffuser, easily finds its place in any interior, thanks to its elegant ‘design’ and its firefly shape. Designed in unbreakable wood and plastic, it diffuses a light mist of essential oils through an imperceptible vibration system to sanitize or humidify an environment.


Do you know how to calm your baby with the help of Aromatherapy?

A baby who sleeps without fuss, pain, constipation and growing well is a dream for every parent. And that's where essential oils come in! Did you know that our 100% organic essential oils help balance, stimulate and even calm the brain of children, thus helping the advancement and development of our little ones?

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