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DX3000 Battery


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Dexcowin portable X-ray rechargeable Li-poly batteries, DX3000. It allows up to 300 images in a single charge.       &nb.. See More

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Dexcowin portable X-ray rechargeable Li-poly batteries, DX3000.

It allows up to 300 images in a single charge.






Additional information


Inserting the battery in the device

Make sure the iRay D3 device is turned off.
As shown in Figure 1 below, the battery cover must be separated by pulling the back of the cover after removing the part of the circle shown.


Figure 1 - Remove the battery cover.

When the battery cover is removed, the battery must be inserted into the main body. As shown in Figure 2, the battery must be pushed inwards in the direction of the arrow from the side of the main body. At this point, the label side of the battery must be at the bottom of the main body and the protruding shape at both ends of the battery must fit precisely into the groove on the main body.


Figure 2 - insertion of the battery in the main body

Close the battery cover. At this point, you should be pressing until the end of the lid joins the main body and clicks. l Turn on the device to confirm that it is operating normally.


Battery and charge level

The iRay D3 battery has high output power and is designed to be charged separately from the main body for safety reasons.
The battery charge period can be notified by means of hum, LCD screen, low battery indicator light and when switching on.
When the battery needs to be replaced, the battery level on the LCD screen indicates “LOW” and the “low” battery image appears in the upper right corner of the main control screen. The battery replacement indicator lamp at the top of the main body is lit yellow.

CHECK: Replace the battery when the low battery indicator on the LCD screen flashes to extend battery life. When changing the battery, be careful not to drop it.


Figure 3 - Battery level indicator.

When using a device without replacing the battery after the “low” battery signal, the battery warning message appears on the LCD for a few seconds, as shown in Figure 4, and the device goes off.

Figure 4 - LCD screen when the battery is low.

The battery charger consists of the charging adapter and the charging cradle.
The charging stand and adapter shape are shown in Figure 5.

Figure 5 - Battery charger and charger adapter.

Connect the charger adapter connector to the charging connector on the back of the charging cradle. Use the included AC power line to connect the charger adapter and connect to AC power. The range and frequency of the AC supply voltage is 100-220V AC / 50-60 Hz. Remember to confirm that it is the correct rated power before connecting.
Place the battery in the charging cradle as shown in Figure 6, from the top to the inside. At that time, place the connector on the charging cradle and the battery connector at the same point, close them until the groove on the back of the charger base snaps into the groove on the side of the battery.

Figure 6 - Battery base and battery adjustment

While the battery is being charged, a red light is displayed on the charger holder; if charging is complete, a green light appears on the charging stand.
When the battery is not completely connected to the charger or if a problem occurs, the charge indicator light turns yellow.



Maintenance and storage
The device or battery must be in a safe place so that only authorized persons can access it.

Check product storage
When not in use for a long time, store the product separately after removing the battery from the main body.

Basic charging and storage adapter
Take care that the battery (charger) does not come into contact with metallic substances (coins, keys, paper clips, etc.).
Do not mount another company's battery in the charger for use.

Continuous monitoring
When charging the battery, check the base charge indicator lamp to confirm normal operation.
The battery is consumable and the usage time is gradually reduced compared to the purchase time. If the usage time is reduced by more than half compared to the frequency of first use, replace with a new battery.

Annual user verification
Users should review the following material each year and be sure to record their results on the maintenance record sheets. Check the charger: Connect the battery to the charger and make sure that the LED indicating the correct charge comes on.

The remaining battery is indicated numerically so that you can assess whether the battery remains operational.
The possible level of exposure to the battery's x-ray is 14.0V to 16.8V

CHECK: The iRay D3 has a function that automatically turns the device off to reduce battery consumption. The time is set to five minutes from the starting point. The time to switch off automatically can be adjusted in the configuration option from a minimum of 1 minute to a maximum of 10 minutes.

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