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Electrostimulator Cefar TENS Primo Pro LP1


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  • Brand: Chattanooga
  • Product Code: MM-TENSCPP
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Chattanooga's Cefar® TENS is the new generation of portable TENS devices, based on established Primo Pro technology, with additional features .. See More

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Chattanooga's Cefar® TENS is the new generation of portable TENS devices, based on established Primo Pro technology, with additional features to combine TENS and NMES treatments in a portable unit.

Intended for use by healthcare professionals and patients, Cefar® TENS combines TENS with NMES, to bring pain relief and muscle rehabilitation from the clinic to the home. Patients can start treatment with the device in a clinical setting under the supervision of a healthcare professional, before continuing their rehabilitation in the comfort of their own home. Simple and easy to use, with a variety of features accordingly, patients can take the treatment in their own hands, while the doctor can easily set parameters and monitor their progress.
In short, Cefar® TENS is more than just a pain device.

     - Symptomatic relief and chronic pain control
     - Adjunctive treatment of acute post-surgical and post-traumatic pain
     - Pain relief associated with arthritis

     - Slows or prevents atrophy due to disuse
     - Maintains or increases range of motion
     - Re-educate muscles
     - Promotes local blood circulation

Included Programs:
P1: Gate Control HF 80Hz
P2: Burst LF 2 Hz
P3: Gate Control HF 80Hz Mod
P4: Gate Control HF 80Hz Sens
P5: Mix 80Hz / 2Hz Han
P6: Neuromodulation LF 10Hz
P7: HF Flow Tens
P8: Endorphinic LF 5Hz
P9: Gate Control HF 100Hz
P10: NMES Muscle Stim 50Hz
P11-P15: Configurable Programs

Equipment features:
* Function 1 + 1: the Cefar® TENS stimulator has 2 independent channels that can be managed separately. Users can select the same program on both channels, or 2 different programs to be used simultaneously, allowing a combination of NMES and TENS in a treatment. This means that patients can rehabilitate the affected area while reducing associated pain, resulting in a more comfortable and effective treatment.
* Programming mode: the device allows users to create up to 5 customized programs and select specific parameters. This gives healthcare professionals the ability to prescribe personalized treatment according to the patient and pathology.
* Compliance: Health professionals can easily follow the treatments performed at home by patients, monitoring the hours of use since the device was delivered to the patient.
* Acupuncture mode: when connected to acupuncture needles, Cefar® TENS can be used to administer electroacupuncture (EA) treatment. As AE has been shown to be particularly effective in reducing pain, this offers an additional and more beneficial option for patients to reduce their discomfort (Clinical use only. Acupuncture needles not provided)
* Rotating belt clip: when connected to the belt clip, the device can be rotated to allow convenient access to cable connections.
* Rechargeable lithium battery: connect your device directly to a wall outlet to charge the battery. Quick and complete charging in less than 90 minutes, with a battery life of 6 to 10 hours of treatment, depending on the parameters used.
* Blocking function: block the program to make sure that your patient will use only the appropriate program.

3-year warranty.

Maximum intensity: 99.5 mA
Pulse width: 60 to 400 µs
Pulse frequency: 1-120 Hz
Dimensions: 132 x 60 x 24 mm
Weight: 156 g


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