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Electrostimulator Rehab LP1 Chattanooga (By Compex)


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Chattanooga's Rehab Electro Stimulator, with Compex technology and signal quality, is a 4-channel stimulator developed for physiotherapists and re.. See More

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Chattanooga's Rehab Electro Stimulator, with Compex technology and signal quality, is a 4-channel stimulator developed for physiotherapists and rehabilitation centers that require a standard use of electrostimulation.

Selection of 35 general programs, including the categories: Pain Relief, Rehabilitation, Sports, Fitness, Aesthetics and Massage
A carefully selected series of the best programs from Cefar and Compex

-> Muscle Intelligence ™ technology: Mi-Ready (integrating Mi technology in all 4 channels, but the Mi cable is not included). Muscle Intelligence functions are available automatically when the Mi cable is connected. 4 functions available on the 4 channels:
-> My-Scan: customize stimulation according to the patient's physiology for better comfort and effectiveness
-> Mi-TENS: acts effectively just below the motor limit for TENS programs
-> My-Range: operates effectively in the ideal intensity range for low frequency programs
-> My-Action: active session with voluntary contraction detected by the sensor to start stimulation
-> 2 + 2: possibility to choose a program for channels 1 and 2 and then select another one from the list of 2 + 2 programs for channels 3 and 4. This allows treating two different parts of the body, or two patients at the same time , or combine NMES and TENS as treatment
* Skip: manage the duration of the session and go directly to the next phase (recovery) when necessary.
* Motor point pen (included): this tool is very useful in combination with the selected program, as it guarantees the ideal placement of the electrodes.
* I-key: allows you to adjust the intensity on the four channels at the same time, direct access to the TOP 5 of the favorite programs or check the statistics in progress (number of contractions, level of intensity) during the sessions.
* Pause mode: pauses the stimulation when the electrodes must be repositioned.
* Programming: Customize programs and customize parameters for a specific patient / pathology.
* Autonomy and speed of recharge: with daily use and with the included charger, a complete recharge cycle lasts a maximum of 2.5 hours.
* 3 year warranty and software in Portuguese

Program configuration:
- Rehabilitation I:
     - Atrophy due to disuse
     - Prevention of atrophy
     - Reinforcement
     - Muscle injury
     - Motor point
- Pain relief I:
     - 100 Hz Gate Control
     - Frequency modulated TENS
     - Endorphinic
     - Descontracturante
     - Modulated Pulse Amplitude TENS
     - Burst
     - Alternate Burst / TENS
- Vascular:
     - Venous insufficiency 1
     - Venous insufficiency 2
     - Arterial insufficiency 1
     - Arterial insufficiency 2
     - Capillarization
     - Heavy legs
     - Calamber Prevention
- Physical form:
     - Resistance
     - Fortification
     - Active recovery

Technical specifications:
* Channels: Four independent and individually adjustable
* Waveform: rectangular constant, current with compensation pulse
* Maximum current intensity: 120 mA.
* Impulse intensity increments: Manual adjustment of the stimulation intensity from 0 to 999 (energy) in 0.25 mA increments.
* Pulse width: 30 to 400 µs.
* Pulse frequency: 1 to 150 Hz

Contents: Rehab rehabilitation unit, Quick charger, Battery, 4 cables, spring-loaded adapter kit, protective cover, 2 small electrode bags (5x5cm), 2 large electrode bags (5x10cm), User manual and practical guide in English, Guide for placing electrodes, Contact gel, Motor point pencil, carrying bag, Clip for the waist.


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