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Ethyl Alcohol - 70% and 96%


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Ethyl alcohol (ethanol) is considered an intermediate level antiseptic and disinfectant. It is not sporicidal and has no action against hydrophilic.. See More

Ethyl alcohol (ethanol) is considered an intermediate level antiseptic and disinfectant.

It is not sporicidal and has no action against hydrophilic viruses.


 Used in:

  • Disinfection of furniture surfaces and instruments / equipment, thermometers, stethoscope diaphragms and olives, medication trays, ampoules and medication vials, fiber optic endoscopes;
  • Antisepsis of the skin / hands, by health professionals, before injections and punctures.


Do not apply on:

  • mucous membranes, occlusive dressings (increases the risk of sensitization),
  • damaged tissues (ethyl alcohol can be irritating),
  • open wound (due to the risk of increasing the lesion and promoting the appearance of a clot over which bacteria can grow and suppurate the wound).


Mode of action:

Alcohol 70% (more hydrated) is a bactericide more effective than alcohol 96%, because the degree of hydration is an important factor for antimicrobial activity.

With 70% alcohol, the denaturation of the proteins is more efficient in the presence of water, as this facilitates the entry of alcohol into the bacterium and also slows down alcohol volatilization, allowing longer contact time.

When 96% alcohol is used for disinfection, extremely rapid coagulation occurs, there being no penetration into the cell and therefore not killing the microbe. This ineffective performance occurs due to the rapid volatilization of ethanol at this concentration.


The presence of organic matter acts as a mechanical barrier to the action of alcohol on microorganisms, hindering the antimicrobial action of alcohol, which is due to the denaturation of proteins and the dissolution of fats, destroying, for example, the membrane of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and HSV (herpes simplex virus).


70% alcohol is the trade name of 70% INPM alcohol (70% w / w) or 77 ° GL (77% v / v).


Advantages of disinfection with alcohol 70%: 

  • Fast acting bactericidal;
  • Mild irritant;
  • Low cost;
  • Non toxic;
  • Colorless and leaves no residue;
  • Action in the presence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and virucida (only for lipophilic viruses).


Amount: 250ml

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