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Confiança Pink Soap - 5x100g


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  • Brand: Confiança
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The Pink Soap from Confiança is a handmade soap produced in molds. The iconic Saboaria e Perfumaria Confiança announced in 1928 &ldqu.. See More

The Pink Soap from Confiança is a handmade soap produced in molds.

The iconic Saboaria e Perfumaria Confiança announced in 1928 “How little comes to much. Confiança's products are swallowed up by those of the best foreign factories.”

At the time of the launch of its best-selling soap - Rosa soap - which, despite all the evolution of this ancient art, continues to be a reference for cleaning and hygiene of hands and clothes.


Indicated for:

  • manual washing of clothes.
  • hand washing of oils, for example, in workshops.



Very attention:

Pink soap dries the skin a lot, so after using it it should hydrate the skin well. This is because pink soap is composed of saponified fat - which gives it degreasing power - to which water and silicates are added, responsible for the abrasive power, important in washing. In other words, by degreasing a lot the skin is also dehydrating it. Dry skin facilitates the entry of microorganisms.

Representation of the label "Blue and Pink Soap"




Additional information

Pink soap has many uses, but it should be applied sparingly and taking care to always hydrate the skin well.

It is great for acne prevention, as it is a powerful disinfectant and antibacterial, when applied daily to the skin, it combats impurities, making it smoother and silkier.

The best make-up remover and “facial cleansing lotion”. After removing part of the make-up with cleansing wipes, wet the face and rub gently with soap. After scrubbing, rinse with plenty of water and gently wipe with a towel.

It is also a precious help for oily hair - wash and rinse twice with soap and at the end (if you feel the need) apply a mask on the ends... results in just a few washes.

In urinary infections – so that the underwear does not accumulate bacteria or that they are not lodged in the fabrics. During the treatment period, before putting the underwear/boxers in the machine, dry soap on the area that is directly in contact with the genitals. Also in the case of urinary infections but also in feminine intimate hygiene - Soap is a very astringent product that eliminates bacteria but also the fat existing in the vagina, where the largest number of sebaceous cells are concentrated.

To wash your hands – whenever and wherever there is no better and cheaper disinfectant than this. Liquid disinfectants are more practical, however, in hospitals and at home, soap was used, in the past. He was the “king” of cleaning and disinfection for doctors and nurses before and after surgery.

To remove difficult stains: dry soap and place in the sun and air to “blush” for an hour. Afterwards, scrub with a little water and finish by washing in the washing machine. In 99% of cases the result is positive.

Also when washing clothes using the sanitarium / soaking technique, pay attention to some precautions: The clothes should not be soaked for more than two hours: The ideal soak should last between 45 minutes and two hours. The natural intention of soap is to eliminate difficult stains and stains. However, when the garment is submerged in soap for a long time, the dirt that has already come off the fabric, dyes the water and penetrates it again. # Time the clothes must be in soap: maximum one hour for dark clothes, maximum two hours for light clothes. # Watch out for the smell! Another inconvenience of soaking your clothes for a long time is the possibility of spoiling your clothes. After a long time submerged in water, the pieces end up with an unpleasant smell (similar to mold), and you will need to wash the clothes again. Don't forget to wash your clothes in the soapy water, so you don't spend twice as much soapy water and time! # Dark clothes dressing can stain: Some brightly colored garments can stain others by loosening their own flair if left to soak for a long time (especially with regard to those in black, red and purple colors). Therefore, never put light and dark clothes in the same sauce.

Roupa ao sol, lavar roupa com sabão


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