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Cotton Tips – 200 units


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  • Brand: Fergus
  • Product Code: MM-COT200
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 Features: Absorbent and soft cotton swabs. Amount: Pack of 200 units. Indications: Cleaning the nose and ears (the swab should on.. See More

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 Features: Absorbent and soft cotton swabs.

 Amount: Pack of 200 units.


  • Cleaning the nose and ears (the swab should only be used on the outside of the ear or nasal canal)
  • Makeup (to apply shadows to the eyes)
  • Cleaning the teeth and eyes of cats / dogs, for example
  • Cleaning of equipment and household appliances, such as refrigerator grills and computer keyboards, using alcohol
  • Light candles with short wicks (soak the tip of the swab in alcohol, ignite and approach the candle until the flame reaches the wick)
  • Increase the scent of perfume (sprinkle the ends and put them in the pockets of the jacket or suitcases).


Only use the exterior cleaning of the nose and ears to avoid entering the nasal or auditory canal. The introduction of a cotton swab inside the ear, in addition to pushing the wax to a deeper region, causing pain and hearing loss, increases the risk of injuries, infections and even perforation of the eardrum.

Additional information

Environment:  Swabs are the most commonly found waste in the oceans and beaches, a situation that occurs due to their deposition in the toilet. The treatment plants are unable to retain the swabs, which are too thin and end up in the aquatic environment. Some animals may ingest them.

On this subject, read the article "Ocean killers: Plastics".

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