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The Grid Foam Roller - 33cm x 13.5cm


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The TriggerPoint Grid foam roller was developed to use high density EVA foam in an exclusive Grid pattern to provide optimal compression for a total b.. See More

The TriggerPoint Grid foam roller was developed to use high density EVA foam in an exclusive Grid pattern to provide optimal compression for a total body massage.

This roller has the optimal compression to massage any part of the body and is designed to help resolve contractures and other muscle problems.



  • It has a three-dimensional surface that allows body tissues to air as you roll, thus promoting the flow of blood and oxygen, nutrients needed to repair muscles.
  • The hard and hollow core wrapped in EVA foam makes it firmer than traditional foam rollers
  • Length: 33 cm
  • Diameter: 13.5cm
  • Available colors: Orange and Black







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How to use?




You can see more videos showing how to use the foam roller on the official page that includes the TRIGGER POINT brand.



Vibration Foam Rolling - The new superhero in fitness

With CrossFit, SoulCycle and intensity training gyms rising to the forefront of the fitness world, athletes and non-athletes alike find themselves pushing their bodies to the limit. We're training harder than ever – we're running faster, we're moving faster. But are we recovering better? What are we doing to take care of the muscles?

What actually happens when you use the foam roller?

The foam bearing is a deep tissue massage that releases sore knots and stimulates blood and oxygen flow to your muscles. This process is also known as "Myofascial Release". Using the foam roller is extremely important before and after training to help speed recovery and improve performance. But beginners might say that foam rolling, especially when it starts, is not calming or relaxing.

Rolling compresses overworked and tired muscles, and this pressure on sensitive muscles can cause discomfort. Unfortunately, for many of those new to foam rolling, this discomfort can cause them to stop rolling altogether.

There are TriggerPoint trainers who have noticed the benefits of laminating foam, and they are huge - it helps customers recover faster, move and feel better, but many customers are intimidated by laminating.


Foam Bearing + Vibration: How Does It Help Muscle Recovery?

Over the past five years, foam lamination has caught the attention of many scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs. Hundreds of studies have proven that foam bearing can improve range of motion, flexibility and performance, as well as reduce muscle soreness, pain and recovery time. While the foam bearing may have its roots in therapy as a way to assist therapists in rehabilitation, it has evolved to be a tool used by everyday people to improve movement and quality of life.

Vibration technology is also a proven tool in the world of rehabilitation and therapy. The use of vibration started over 50 years ago and has since been refined and simplified. Vibration has been found to improve flexibility, strength and power, while reducing the pain of injuries and the pain of intense training.

Vibration does this by reducing the frequency of pain signals sent from the injured site to the nervous system. Vibration is generally used in two ways: 1) whole-body vibration received from a vibrating platform; or 2) portable vibration devices applied directly to a muscle. The ideal frequency for achieving many of these results is between 20-50 Hz and maintained for anywhere from 20 seconds to several minutes.

As a leader in the foam laminating industry, TriggerPoint is committed to innovating and raising the bar, designing effective products and education that continue to improve movement and quality of life. Our newest and most advanced foam roller, The GRID VIBE, combines our patented GRID pattern, which channels nutrients to your muscles as you roll, with vibration technology. The GRID VIBE allows the user to apply vibration directly to a muscle group while receiving the many benefits of automyofascial compression and release. The GRID VIBE achieves the best results by being calibrated to vibrate at the optimal frequency of 33 Hz. This frequency helps to immediately decrease pain in an injury or tender point in a tight muscle. When the user applies body weight compression, the vibrations reduce pain signals sent to the nervous system. Thus, the user can see more benefits by rolling longer and more efficiently, as they feel less pain when rolling without vibration.

The science of vibrating foam rollers is still emerging. Based on a recently conducted (unpublished) study, the GRID VIBE appears to reduce pain more than a non-vibrating foam roller. Foam winding is generally effective in improving range of motion and flexibility, but GRID VIBE stands out as superior to non-vibrating foam rollers in immediately reducing pain after use.


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