We wanted this article on biodegradable diapers to be very comprehensive and useful, addressing various aspects related to the characteristics of baby skin, the history of the invention of disposable diapers, the importance to the environment of the ability to be biodegradable, characteristics of baby feces and lots of advice in between, including a step-by-step how-to guide on how to change a diaper to a baby. On the day the baby is born, her skin is violently pushed into a completely new environment with cooler temperatures, viruses and bacteria and many other things she is not used to. It has an extreme capacity of cellular development. Your skin is fragile and immature, so it should be protected. For this reason it is important to use specific baby care products and dermatologically tested products.




A baby's skin has the same structure as an adult's skin, but it still doesn't have all its functions. Fragile and not yet fully developed, the baby's skin needs three years to strengthen so that it can properly play its protective barrier role.



The delicate nature of the skin can be attributed to several factors: 

  • At birth, the pH of the skin is approximately neutral. Its pH gradually decreases, becoming more acidic in adulthood. This difference makes the baby's skin more sensitive to infections and irritation. 
  • The hydrolipid mantle is thinner in babies than in adults. Therefore it protects the epidermis less from dehydration. Baby's skin is therefore much more vulnerable to attacks from the outside world.




  • The baby's horny layer is also more fragile. The corneocytes are not as cohesive, making the layer more permeable to external factors and infections.



  • The baby's dermis is three times thinner.
  • Lastly, in relation to its weight, the surface area of a baby's skin is between 3 and 5 times larger than that of an adult. This means that a substance that can penetrate the skin ends up being considerably more concentrated in the body - increasing the risk of toxicity.

As your baby grows and develops, it will restore and maintain the overall balance of the skin. It is therefore extremely important to protect it - to take care of your baby's skin qualities today and in the future.



In order to compensate for the underdeveloped nature of the baby's skin barrier, it is very important to use baby-specific products such as diapers, creams, shower gel, cotton clothing that take into account the fragility of your skin while preserving its richness. without irritating her.

Be especially careful when choosing dermo-cosmetic products for your baby: Choose only hypoallergenic and high tolerance products that have been specially tested for baby skin and are designed to help strengthen / maintain their skin barrier while protecting their skin. cellular wealth against attacks from the external environment. Our BAMBO NATURE diapers meet these requirements, as you will read later in this article.



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