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Hygiene Pack MIPMED


The pack contains: Body Moisturizer with Shea Butter - Mipmed – 1L Dermo Cleansing Mipmed – Body and Hair – 1L..


Hygiene Sponges - 25 units


Hygiene sponges for washing and cleaning the elderly and children. Size: 17cm x 24.5cm Thickness: 0.4cm       Additio..


B Braun

Spray Linovera B Braun - 30ml


Oil solution or emulsion composed of hyperoxygenated fatty acids (sunflower seed oil), indicated to prevent and treat lower limb ulcers (prevascular a..


B Braun

Urine Bag with Anti-Reflux Valve - 2L


Urine Bag with Anti-Reflux Valve - 2L The Urimed® Bag is a urine bag for day and night urine collection that meets the requirements of the Euro..


Wet Wipes 30x20cm - 60 units


Wet wipes, enriched with Aloe vera, Allantoin and Glycerin. Ingredients from €98 of natural origin. With its extra large size, it allows fo..



Body Moisturizer with Shea Butter - Mipmed - 1L


100% Vegan Body Moisturizer with Shea Butter. Vegan and nourishing moisturizing milk for the body. It presents a light formula, of fast absorption,..



Agaderm Dermoprotection Disinfectant - 500ml


Agaderm is a hand sanitizer that is characterized by its dermoprotection. It is ideal to be used to disinfect at the end of aesthetic treatments, befo..



100% Biological Argan Oil -Unii


Organic Pure Argan Oil - Vegan 100% biological vegetable oil obtained by cold extraction. The quintessential beauty oil. Ideal for dry ..


Natura Benessere

Rosehip Oil - 140ml


Rosehip oil is considered one of the most potent natural regenerators, can be used on the body or face to reduce imperfections caused by aging. Due to..



AMD - Bed Liners - 90x180cm - 25 units


Bedunderpad. Mattress protection. They help with daily hygiene, keeping the place clean and the skin dry and protected. Absorption: extra (3 drops)..



Lindor Care - Diapers - Super - Size M - 40 units


Suitable for bedridden or walking people with moderate losses. Strip and Put Tapes - Closure system that allows checking and adjusting the diaper a..


Batist Medical

Non Woven Swabs - 10x10cm - 100 units


Due to their softness to the touch, TNT (non-woven) compresses can be used to clean the delicate skin of babies and the elderly. They are non-sterile ..



ATL – Moisturizing Cream – 1 Kg


Quantity discount: If you take 4 packs, check out the unbeatable price !!!   Face & Body Moisturizing Cream: Increases hydration ..



AMD - Bed Liners - 60x90cm - 30 units


Bedunderpad. Mattress protection. They help with daily hygiene, keeping the place clean and the skin dry and protected. Absorption: extra (3 drops)..



Dermo Cleansing Mipmed – Body and Hair – 1L


Neutral PH bath gel, developed to a gentle and purifying hygiene, this dermo cleanser from Mipmed respects the integrity of the skin barrier. ..


Oral Hygiene Sponges - 10 units


Semi-flexible pvc rod with soft sponge at the tip Ready to use Do not attack the oral flora They dispense rinsing Indicated when the person ca..



Diapers AMD - Slip Maxi - Medium Size - 20 units


​ AMD Slip Maxi Diapers: for night use for people with severe incontinence. Size M 3400 ml absorption  20-piece bag.   &n..



100% Organic Rosehip Oil


Bio-Vegan Rosehip Oil 100% biological vegetable oil obtained by cold extraction Ideal for dry and dull skin. From the best vegetable sources..


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In this category we sell all products and equipment in the medical sector aimed at Geriatrics. We have a wide variety of products at the best prices on the market. Delivery within 24 hours.

Geriatric medicine or geriatrics is a branch of medicine that studies the prevention and treatment of diseases and disability in advanced ages. A similar term is degerontology, which is the study of aging itself. Geriatrics is the branch of medicine in charge of studying and treating diseases and conditions related to aging.


There are two concepts of aging:

  • Simplistic Concept: the process of transforming a young person into an elderly person.
  • Biological Concept:  phenomena that lead to reduced adaptability to functional overloads.

With aging, there is a homeostatic imbalance – expected decline of some functions – and there is a greater vulnerability to diseases such as: infections, cardiovascular diseases, malignant neoplasms...


Mulher de tiro médio com bengala Foto gratuita


Definition of elderly in developing countries:

According to the chronology,  elderly person is an individual who is 60 years of age or older.


Definition of elderly in developed countries:

The individual who is 65 years of age or older. Individuals considered very old are those who are 80/85 years of age or older.

However, in order to allow more direct comparisons between countries, the World Health Organization normalized the age of 65 years for people from both developed and developing countries.


Limitations in the elderly woman

Functional capacity decreases throughout life. The natural aging process (associated with chronic diseases) is responsible for the limitation of the elderly. In old age it is important to maintain independence and prevent disability, therefore, rehabilitate and ensure quality of life.

At this stage of life, it is important to always focus on prevention, as the individual will not always manifest symptoms of disease, even the apparently healthy elderly person requires care, as the manifestations of disease in the elderly are:

  • atypical,
  • sub-clinics,
  • symptoms are non-specific
  • and generally not reported,
  • the beginning is insidious
  • and it is very easy to “miss” a diagnosis.


The main occurrences in the elderly are - the geriatric giants (5i):

  • instability and falls,
  • incontinence,
  • iatrogenics,
  • immobility and
  • cognitive impairment, delirium, dementia and depression.


Geriatrics Objectives

  • Health Maintenance in Old Ages
  • Maintenance of functionality
  • Early detection and treatment
  • Prevention of diseases
  • safe treatments
  • Care and support during terminal illness
  • maximum degree of independence
  • Care and support during terminal illness

Disease prevention in the elderly
Planning for disease prevention in the elderly consists of:

  • Correct destructive habits (imbalanced diet, physical inactivity, smoking, obesity, drug abuse);
  • Provide proper diagnosis and treatment of diseases;
  • Use medication rationally (conscious prescription, start and end, respect for guidance, use vs. abuse, avoid self-medication, “magical” effects);
  • Balance emotional environments;
  • Expand the social support network (support network);
  • Do not let the elderly create expectations. Reject the fantasy of “rejuvenation or eternal youth”;
  • Encourage the practice of aerobic physical activity, to increase endurance, strength and flexibility, as well as combine physical and social benefits;
  • Adapt the home environment, thus reducing the risk of accidents such as falls and their consequences, often with a dismal prognosis;
  • Educating caregivers of dependent elderly people, as well as recognizing their illness;
  • Be aware of signs of abuse and report them;


Additional Terms

  • Senescence: normal aging
  • Senility: pathological aging
  • Gerontology: study of aging


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