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Nivea Cream - 250ml


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Nivea cream is the world's best known cream and is renowned for its moisturizing properties. Nivea Cream is the original moisturizer for the whole.. See More

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Nivea cream is the world's best known cream and is renowned for its moisturizing properties. Nivea Cream is the original moisturizer for the whole family.

This iconic product is enriched with Eucerit, which provides the skin with all the protective care you need to stay soft and smooth. Ideal for daily use whenever the skin needs care.

Dermatologically approved: NIVEA Cream, 250 ml.


  • Intensive and protective care.
  • Intensive hydration formula.
  • Ideal for daily use on all skin areas.
  • Compatible with dermatologically proven skin.






Informação adicional


Additional information


1911 - NIVEA Creme was originally packed in a yellow can. It was the first cream accessible to everyone.


Before the NIVEA Creme success story started, something quite different had to be invented: Eucerit. Eucerit acts as an emulsifier and combines oil and water in an extremely stable and fine mixture. Fortunately, Dr. Isaac Lifschütz developed this completely innovative emulsifier in 1911. Dermatologist Paul Gerson Unna was an admirer of Dr. Lifschütz's expert knowledge and introduced it to Dr. Oscar Troplowitz, the pharmacist and co-founder of Beiersdorf. He immediately recognized that this water-in-oil emulsion was perfect for composing a cosmetic skin cream. I just needed to have a name. In this search, Dr. Troplowitz did not need to look far. As soon as the emulsion was ready, it had become a snow-white color. The name NIVEA derives from the Latin “nix, nivis”, which means snow, and the translation of NIVEA is therefore “white as snow”.

If you want to pamper, then you must have this cream. With its firm consistency, each moisturizing moment is a passionate moment for your body and soul. Touch is very important for us to feel satisfied. Touch makes babies feel close and safe. If we don't feel, we know that something is missing. Research shows that children's emotional and mental development is driven by human contact. And cream also means having time for yourself. For this firm cream with rich content, it may take a little longer.


NIVEA Cream for your face. The unique and unparalleled care for all skin types.


NIVEA Cream for your hands. The cream that protects, nourishes and softens dry and stressed hands.


NIVEA Lip cream. Apply the cream at night before going to sleep and it will nourish dry and chapped lips during the night.



NIVEA Cream for reddish cheeks in winter. When it gets cold, the cream protects the skin on your cheeks.


NIVEA Cream for your feet. Perfect for nourishing the driest body parts, such as the elbows, knees and feet.


NIVEA Nail cream. Apply the cream after a manicure and gently massage your fingers and nails.

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