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Goat Milk Soap - 90g


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  • Brand: Ach Brito
  • Product Code: MM-SLC90
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Ach Brito Milk Soap from Ach Brito with 90g is a fantastic soap focused on hydrating and renewing the skin. This iconic Ach Brito soap contains a d.. See More

Ach Brito Milk Soap from Ach Brito with 90g is a fantastic soap focused on hydrating and renewing the skin.

This iconic Ach Brito soap contains a delicate aroma of milk and hazelnut, is enriched with goat's milk and produced with a vegetable soap base.




  • Cares, moisturizes and soothes the skin!
  • Moisturizes and renews the skin, giving it more softness and a silky and velvety effect.
  • The soap with goat's milk that is used for centuries in beauty products and anti-aging properties.
  • Historically, studies have defended its benefits in treating skin problems and excessively dry skin.
  • Goat's milk contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Helps repair damaged skin.
  • It is the most similar to breast milk and, therefore, it is easily assimilated by our body. Its protein structure allows it to be easily absorbed into the skin.



Goat's milk-based soap can be used in hair treatment

Although there is still no scientific study to prove the benefits of goat's milk in the treatment of baldness, the number of consumers looking for the product to prevent and combat hair loss grows. Some claim that the continued use of goat's milk soap stimulates the birth of new hair.




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How to make artistically goat milk soap?

Goat milk soap for face, hair and body

Ideal for use in the winter, the goat milk soap is ultra moisturizing. It is excellent for those with sensitive skin, as its pH is similar to that of the skin, it has a high concentration of vitamins A, B1, B12 and C, promotes elasticity, helps fight skin aging, treats eczema, helps to lighten spots, smoothes lines and can be used on the entire body, including hair and face.

Used by the Egyptians since 1400 BC, the benefits of goat's milk are so many that it is no wonder when they say that Cleopatra was bathing in this milk.

Sabonete branco de leite de cabra



What to use:

- 500g of white glycerin base,
- 1 cup of powdered goat milk, (if not found, replace with powdered cow's milk),
- 50ml of glycolic oat extract,
- 30ml of your favorite essence.

- Silicone form.



- Chop and melt the glycerin base following the manufacturer's instructions,
- When the base is completely liquid and warm, add the glycolic extract, the essence and the powdered milk,
- Mix well until well incorporated,

- Pour the mixture in the form of silicone and let it harden completely, (about 5 hours),
- After the mixture is solid, unmold and cut the soaps into approximately 3cm bars.

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