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Halibut Derma Creme 100 g


Halibut Derma Creme Muda Diapers is a product used to prevent diaper rash, hydration of very dry areas and skin protection. With a creamy texture and ..



Halibut Derma Liner 200ml


Halibut Derma Linimento provides gentle cleaning with every diaper change, removing impurities from the baby's skin. Its formula contains oils ..


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Guaranteed quality, generation to generation

We specialize in the prevention of diaper rash in the Baby and in the stretch marks of Mama's belly, as well as in first degree burns and the most superficial wounds. The Halibut range has a clear objective: to serve the whole family in close care. We want to be part of your history, so we work daily on solutions for skin care.

There are several products from the Halibut range: liniment, protective cream, repairing ointment (diaper change), derma creme plus, shower gel, body emulsion, mommy derma (for stretch marks). In other words, there is both Halibut for baby and mom!


Proudly Portuguese Brand
We also specialize in the treatment of diaper rashes, 1st degree burns and superficial wounds.
Since the launch of our 1st Ointment in 1950, we have been looking for the best innovation to protect the skin of the whole family.

Halibut is a non-prescription medicine that has been part of the life of Portuguese families since 1950.

Each gram of ointment contains 150 mg of zinc oxide.

Halibut, due to the nature of its formulation, is a medicine with a remarkable regenerating action on the tissues and also a great protective, calming, astringent and antiseptic action due to the presence of zinc oxide.

Due to its soothing, healing and regenerating action on Halibut tissues, it is indicated for diaper dermatitis (diaper rash in babies), first degree burns and the healing of superficial wounds.

AssadurasDiaper rash

Queimaduras do 1º Grau1st degree burns

Feridas SuperficiaisSuperficial Wounds

How to apply
In skin irritations where the skin is intact, spread an amount of ointment that covers the affected part and spread it by rubbing lightly. Included in this case are diaper dermatitis (baby diaper rash) and irritations caused by prolonged exposure to the sun. Applications must be made several times a day. In superficial wounds you can cover them with a dressing or gauze previously greased with the ointment. Change the dressing daily.
Talk to your doctor or pharmacist if you are not sure.

Do not use Halibut Ointment if you are hypersensitive to Zinc Oxide or any of the other ingredients of Halibut Ointment.



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