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Hand Disinfectant - Antiseptic Alcohol Gel - 5L


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  • Brand: Amyris
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Hydroalcoholic hand sanitizer, with wide biocidal effect, developed to keep hands safe, healthy and with moisturizing protection. COMPOSITION: Di.. See More

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Hydroalcoholic hand sanitizer, with wide biocidal effect, developed to keep hands safe, healthy and with moisturizing protection.

COMPOSITION: Disinfectant gel of innovative formulation based on ethanol and squalane.
ACTIVE SUBSTANCES: Ethanol -70% v / v
APPLICATIONS: For frequent hand disinfection, without rinsing, for all sectors and areas of activity: professional, institutional, industrial and domestic

• Professional: Medical area (hospitals and other health care units)
• Trade and industry, including the food industry
• Institutional: Schools, homes, institutions, etc.
• Household: Use by all consumers in general through pharmacies, para-pharmacies, supermarkets, etc.

PROPERTIES: Ethanol, a biocidal active substance used in this product, is a rapidly evaporating ingredient widely used in the elimination of bacteria, germs and viruses. Alcohol fragments the lipid chain of the skin, which causes the effect of dryness. For this reason, Amyris, at the forefront of the production and technical domain of the molecule, included squalane in this formulation, which has moisturizing properties to rehabilitate dry skin making it smooth and soft.


European standards

Normas europeias álcool gel

Amyris: competence and science to take care of hands

Amyris is the world leader in Clean Beauty
• Awareness of the global market
• Development of infredients
• Training competence
• Regulatory experience


Amyris + Higher School of Biotechnology (Universidade Católica Portuguesa)
• Infrastructure recognized worldwide
• Consolidated science in the development and validation of products and ingredients
• Experience in skin microbiome
• Science-based product development
• Scientific independence that supports the product's characteristics

With squalane, derived from sugar cane:
• Only product with squalane.
• Makes your hands softer, without dehydrating them.
• Promotes the health of your skin's microbiome
• The cleanest and most sustainable ingredient
• Development supported by scientists
• The best products for your hands.
• Unbeatable value for money.




Additional information

Amyris squalane is safe, exceptionally stable and environmentally friendly.
 It is recognized for its numerous skin care benefits, including improving the skin's barrier function, reducing transpidermal water loss, and increasing skin elasticity for healthy hands.


What is Microbioma?
Each person has a unique network of trillions of microorganisms that live inside our bodies. The human microbion consists of microorganisms that are useful, but in some situations they can be harmful. If there is a disturbance in this balance, dysbiosis occurs, making the body more susceptible to disease. A healthy skin microbiome promotes healthier skin.
• Features of Esqualano Amyris
• Squalane is compatible with the microbiome.
• Increases the diversity of the microbiome, ensuring healthier, more nourished and younger looking skin.
• There is strong evidence that squalane's effect on the dry skin microbiome is even better than on normal skin, which correlates with clinical data on barrier repair.

So using alcohol gel with squalane prevents water loss through the hydration of your skin.
• Moisturizers repair the damage caused to the protective layers of the skin: corneocytes and proteins are damaged when moisture is lost.
• Squalane has been shown to reduce TEWL immediately and over time.


Amyris and the environment
Amyris is committed to the development of a product that combines effective disinfection and skin hydration. Our commitment is also to Nature. By adding this ingredient, we make this product your greatest ally!
Amyris adopts a “no compromise” approach TM in all its products, this molecule has been extensively tested to be the cleanest and purest ingredient possible.

Where does the scalane come from?
Originating from renewable sugar cane plantations in Brazil, squalane is more sustainable than squalane derived from sharks and purer than squalane derived from olives.

 Escalano cana do açúcar tubarão azeitona
Sugar cane:
• Derived from fermentation
• “cruelty free”
Shark liver oil
• Millions of sharks slaughtered each year
Olive waste
• Heavy chemical processing


Esqualano Amyris: sugar cane, the most sustainable raw material

matéria prima sustentável


ingredientes petroquímicos

• O alkaline Amyris gel or more sustentável do mudo and o melhor moisturizing.
• This is a sustainable solution when compared with low quality petrochemical ingredients and “sujos”.


Squalane extraction method

Processo de extração de álcool da cana do açucar



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