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How to care for your skin in winter

How to prepare the skin for cold temperatures?


Being the skin the largest living organ of the human organism and being external to it, it is also the first barrier to the entry of microorganisms and external aggressions of the environment.


Skin health is influenced by weather conditions, which can cause changes in skin texture and moisture levels.

Being exposed to the outside, the decrease in temperature and humidity that occurs in the winter months causes a reduction in hydration, making the skin more dehydrated and unprotected.


On colder days it is very common to experience excessive dehydration of the skin, such as leads you to think:


"My rostrum skin is tightening in the drier areas."

"My leg skin is thicker and peeling"

"My hands are in tremendous discomfort and itching"

"I have dull skin and wrinkles on my face are more visible"

"My lips have cracks"


In winter, skin requires double the care.


There are key steps you can take for the good of your skin:

    Ingest more water.

    Do not bath with very hot water.

    Adapting cosmetic care to the needs of the skin.

    In winter it may be more comfortable to use creams with creamier textures, which moisturize the skin more intensely and deeply and which reinforce the skin's protective barrier.

    Replacing shower gel with a bath oil or cream enhances skin comfort.

    Use body cream or balm daily.

    Put on a lip balm to apply several times a day.

    Use hand cream.




To minimize the impact of winter on the skin is essential to choose cosmetic products that have in their composition reparative substances, such as:




Oils naturally present in the skin, essential for maintaining the integrity of the skin's barrier function and preventing dehydration. Without ceramides, skin can become dry, itchy and irritated.



Natural ingredient, composed of essential fatty acids, which helps to repair the skin's barrier function. It improves the skin's appearance, making it softer, has the ability to filter solar radiation and reduce irritation caused by wind and cold.



Stimulates the regeneration of the skin. It has a moisturizing, soothing and repairing action. It is a great adjuvant in the treatment of skin irritations, skin dryness, flaking and itching.



Natural ingredient of which its properties are known since ancient times. It is moisturizing, emollient, protective and soothing.

This cereal has a pH identical to the physiological pH of the skin, restoring or maintaining it with the physiological values.



Inês Bento Duarte - Pharmacist at Farmácia Arade and


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