Madform - Oil Massage - 1000 ml

The Madform Massage Oil is a product widely used for sports massage and physiotherapy. Many health professionals and athletes like their chamomile scent!

This gentle mineral oil allows for an extended massage where a set of various body massage therapies can be applied. This formula combines the oily extract of Chamomile with Vitamin E, maintaining the possibility of being manipulated in an unlimited set of techniques of massage and recovery.

The manipulation of this oil is an asset to physiotherapists, massage therapists or other health professionals who can add heat or cold effects depending on the purpose of the massage or treatment in question! Used in the medical departments of many clubs is one of the most recognized oils for its high quality.

Its characteristics of antioxidant effect associate this oil with a product with soothing properties, treatment and dermatological protection. No dyes or preservatives.

The soothing effect is another of the advantages of this oil as it helps the well being after the massages or treatments improved the results of them!

Packaging: 1000 ml

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Madform - Oil Massage - 1000 ml

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