New Bepanthene Baby - 100g

Bepanthen Baby is an ointment for changing the diaper with double action, protects from redness and regenerates the skin of the baby's tail.

Bepanthen Baby forms a clear layer that lets the skin breathe, helping to protect even the most delicate skin from irritants and friction that can cause redness.

 Bepanthen Baby contains 5% dexpanthenol, which promotes the natural process of regenerating delicate skin, keeping it moisturized.

Its water-in-oil formulation provides the ideal conditions to keep skin healthy without drying out. Contains no preservatives, coloring, or perfume.

How to use Bepanthen Baby?

Bepanthen Baby is so soft it can be used on every change of diaper to protect the most sensitive skin, including the skin of premature babies.

Thanks to the non-sticky texture and easy to remove, Bepanthen Baby® provides extra comfort for the baby.

What are the main ingredients of Bepanthen Baby?

Dexpanthenol and lanolin.

Packing: 100g

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Bepanthene Baby - 100g

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