New Bepanthene Sensiderm - 150ml

Bepanthen Sensiderm, with its formula rich in prebiotics, provides 3 months without attacks of Atopic Dermatitis.

Bepanthen Sensiderm is a cream with a soft texture that, unlike most normal creams, contains prebiotics that have been shown to stimulate the microflora bacteria protecting the skin, strengthening the skin barrier. Seaweed oil and glycerin included in its composition provide a deep and prolonged hydration for 24 hours.

Bepanthen Sensiderm also contains dexpanthenol and vitamin B3, which support the process of skin regeneration and lamellar lipids to strengthen the skin barrier.

Frequent asked questions:

1) What are the differentiating factors of Bepanthen Sensiderm?

Bepanthen Sensiderm is a new generation emollient cream with clinically tested efficacy and supported by 5 clinical studies, one of which states that 96% of babies had no signs of atopic dermatitis for 3 months.

Bepanthen Sensiderm can be used in infants from 1 month of age. It is a hypoallergenic cream that has no preservatives, dyes or perfume.

2) How to use Bepanthen Sensiderm?

Bepanthen Sensiderm should be applied daily and whenever needed on the face and body. It has been tested under pediatric control in infants from 1 month of age.

3) What are the main ingredients of Bepanthen Sensiderm?

Prebiotic alpha-glucan oligosaccharide, glycerin, olive oil and hawthorn oil, panthenol and lamellar lipids

Packing: 150ml

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Bepanthene Sensiderm - 150ml

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