Delivery Informations

Mipmed has a network of logistical partners to respond to all the needs of its customers, regardless of their location.

From our facilities, orders are delivered on a daily basis, carefully prepared to meet the needs of our customers, helping them to simplify ordering processes, reduce material costs and increase work efficiency.


Advantages of working with Mipmed:

  • Low shipping costs
    • For the whole European Union 14.00€ up to 5kg, and from there 3€ per kilo
    • For US and Canada the 27.00€ up to 5kg, and from there 5.5€ per kilo
  • Deliveries between 24 and 72 hours
    • ​With DHL, as a partner, we are able to deliver in 24 hours in several main cities in Europe like London, Berlin, Paris, Dublin, among others.
    • In US and Canada, in the East Coast, in the main cites like New York, Boston, Toronto, among others, We have deliveries also in 24 hours with our partner DHL.  
  • Rigor in the preparation of the orders and quick response to situations that may arise