Madform Sport formula - 500 ml

Madform sport formula ideal to be applied during sporting activity.

This muscle recuperator is applied after physical activity or when you suffer from twists, sprains or overloads. Helps reduce muscle deterioration and possible trauma, accelerating recovery to the ideal level.

Indicated in recovery from injuries and in muscle and joint problems.

Special formula for after sports, cases of fatigue and general states of pain.

The sensation of cold is caused when one of the chemical substances present in the Madform Sport Formula evaporates from the skin. The body reacts by reducing blood flow to the surface of the muscle. Meanwhile, another substance causes a heat effect inside the muscle. The result is an increase in blood and oxygen flow inside the muscle.

The entire product line is tested and has the code AEMPS (Spanish Agency of Medicines and Health Products). In addition, this product is one of the few on the market that does not produce scorching or irritation.

Reg. AEMPS No. 272-PH

Packaging: 500 ml

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Madform Sport formula - 500 ml

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