Physiological Saline - 60ml e 100ml


Saline is an isotonic solution for body fluids containing 0.9% NaCl in distilled water.

The saline is sterile, with application in medical care.

Can be used for:

  • Cleaning of wounds, stomata and burns;
  • Contact lens cleaning and eye irrigation (Note: Contact lens cleaning should not be done exclusively with saline solution, but should assist with specific contact lens cleaning fluids to avoid irritation and ocular infections);
  • Nebulization for asthma or others;
  • Wetting of compresses and dressings;
  • Nasal irrigation (besides cleaning and moisturizing the nose, helps prevent colds, flu and allergic symptoms);
  • Hygiene of a new piercing;
  • Hydration of the skin (the serum has properties capable of reducing the dilation of the pores of the face and nourishing the skin);
  • Vaporizers and humidifiers;
  • Putting a tooth that is waiting for reimplantation by a dentist;
  • Surgical procedures (washing of body cavities and wetting of tissues during these procedures);
  • Preparations of microscopies.
  • Hygiene standards recommend the use of physiological irrigation solution in a single dose, in order to avoid cross contamination.

Available quantities:  60ml and 100ml

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Physiological Saline - 60ml e 100ml

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