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The use of cohesive bandage in lesions

The use of cohesive bandage in lesions

What are cohesive ligatures?

Bandages or cohesive bands have the characteristic of bonding perfectly even though they do not adhere to skin, hair or other materials. This type of material is the ideal solution for winding around any limb without leading to the pain of hair or hair removal when it is removed from the skin.

Due to its low adhesion to the skin, the cohesive band is ideal for several applications in veterinary medicine, sports, nursing or physiotherapy. Their use varies from the use in the paws of the dogs and legs in the horses, until the arms and legs of athletes.

The cohesive ligature has a property that allows for maximum elongation. This feature allows a great capacity of adaptation and choice of the level of compaction according to each situation.




Applications of cohesive ligatures

Cohesive bandaging can be applied to provide a variety of support levels for sore joints. For example, if bandages were used to involve an ankle sprain, they would provide less elongation of the area, however, excessive constriction that would cause swelling of the joint should be avoided. This is controllable by the application of several layers.

With the flexibility and the ability to fix, cohesive ligatures have become one of the favorites in the sports industry. They are extremely popular in the world of football being a good alternative to sports tape. It can hold socks, shin guards and provide additional protection to the goalkeeper's hands, fingers and wrists. It can also involve ice or heat pockets, prevent worsening of injuries and protect dressings.


Advantages of cohesive ligatures



  • Self-adhesive, without adhesion to the skin or hair;
  • Do not slip in difficult areas such as elbows and knees;
  • Porous and breathable;
  • Easy application;
  • Resistant to water and sweat;
  • Maintain original size without shrinking;
  • Reusable;
  • High tensile strength;
  • No need for scissors.

The cohesive elastic bandage is recommended for treatments on the joints, fingers or extremities and minor injuries caused by impact or impact due to sports.