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Interview: "Make believe", but really really!

"Do it," but really really!

For those who like to know different spaces in the city of Braga, where you feel at home, we have found one that we would like to share with you. It's called "Make It Count"! This space is very versatile! It is very child-friendly, with play spaces and scheduled activities, but also for an adult who simply wants to sit in a comfortable and cozy place to read your newspaper, your book or simply looking through large windows into space outside, without feeling claustrophobic. It's the place to have a coffee with that friend that you have not seen for a long time, and you want to keep the conversation going ... for hours. Faz de Conta is right in the heart of the city of Braga, but given its location and exterior and interior context, it provides you with a bucolic experience! We have tried to get to know the project better, since Mipmed is a brand related to health products, it is concerned with both its physical health and its emotional well-being. This resulted in the interview that we transcribe below. It will amaze!


1. Make coffee is a different space. How did the concept / idea come about? 

The idea / concept of "Faz de Conta" came from our need, as mothers, of a space where everyone felt good, kids and adults. Where facilities were adapted to the needs of large and small, such as: the existence of a changing room, a play area, meals for adults and children and ... plenty of room to move freely.

2. What can be done / found in the "Account"? 

In "Make of Count" we have three different valences.

  • Cafeteria: with a very diversified offer. With vegetarian and vegan offerings, focusing on organic and organic products. We emphasize our brunch, toast and pancakes, especially the specialty of pancakes with animal shapes that kids love!
  • The Store with products and toys for kids. Once again, we privilege brands that value sustainability and the quality of materials. We can say, for example, that we only sell one brand of carts because it is the most sustainable cart on the planet - Greentom (Dutch brand) - made from recycled water bottles.
  • And our space for Events where we celebrate birthday parties, baby showers, workshps and activities. We rent space for training and external companies. We have a monthly calendar with various activities, both for kids and for adults.


3. Have activities been accepted and successful in the Bra- zarean public? 

We are still testing all the ideas we have for this space, which are many ... but for now we can mention that the activities for new moms, babies and children up to 12 years, has had a lot of acceptance. Among other activities, we have developed postpartum pilates, yoga for babies and monthly activities such as clay workshop, tubabá - family music and activities linked to nature.


4. Are there any new projects for the future? Can we expect news in the short and / or long term? 

We have a lot of news up the road, but we have already realized that we must take it one step at a time, to consolidate the concept and to perceive feedback from our customers. We always want to improve and grow consistently.


5. What partnerships do you have? 

Faz Conta has partnerships with the brands it resells, with our suppliers and with teams that promote activities in our space, such as the incredible "Bioaventuras", the fabulous "Tubabá", the wonderful Maria Fernanda from the project "Hands on Barro ", with the beloved Florbela of the" Blue Market "and many others, like" Mipmed ". We hope the list continues to grow and add color and magic to our space.


6. What message would you like to leave in this last space of the interview?  

We would like to clarify that our space is for everyone, it is not exclusive for families and children ... we think that you created this idea wrongly and would like to rebut it. We just believe in a barrier-free and inclusive space.


We are grateful for the availability of Maria João Sousa and Xana Haulsen. Mipmed wants all the success for the project and all ideas come true with wisdom and tenderness!

We leave here more information on how to find the place and what you find on the spot:

  • Physical space: Largo de São Francisco 32, Pav.1 -4700-307 Braga
  • Facebook: Here you can see the program of activities for kids and adults alike. You can see fantastic photographs of the activities and the space and appetizing photographs of the menus sold from the space.

Delight in the following photos. But a word of advice: go there personally because the feeling is so much better! Sensations are difficult to describe and emotions are hard to capture with a photo lens!