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Luer Mesotherapy Needles - 27G - 4mm, 6mm and 12mm


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Features Mesotherapy needle with cannula in stainless steel AISI 304 and syringe connection in polypropylene resin.Amount Box of 100 needles for mesot.. See More

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Mesotherapy needle with cannula in stainless steel AISI 304 and syringe connection in polypropylene resin.


Box of 100 needles for mesotherapy.


With ethylene oxide gas.

Shelf life 

Validity of 5 years.


* Outside diameter: 0.40mm

* Inside diameter: 0.20mm

* Length: 4mm, 6mm and 12mm



What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy or intradermotherapy is a non-surgical procedure, widely used in Europe to treat injuries and medical conditions. It consists of the administration of microinjections with conventional or homeopathic medicines, whose ingredients may vary, but usually include extracts of plants, vitamins, minerals, in the middle layer of the skin. Injected substances differ according to purpose and, within the scope of aesthetics, are generally of natural origin.


Therefore, mesotherapy is considered a relatively invasive technique given the application of intradermal microinjections, at less than 4mm deep of the epidermis.

What are the advantages of mesotherapy?


This procedure presents some advantages when compared to other methods, among them:

  • It is a painless method;
  • It is a procedure that does not cause scars;
  • Does not require the use sedatives;
  • You can go home right after the treatment, no need to stay in recovery, as in the case of other more invasive / surgical procedures.

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