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Luer Mesotherapy Needles - 33G - 4mm


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Features Mesotherapy needle with cannula in stainless steel AISI 304 and syringe connection in polypropylene resin.Amount Box of 100 needles.. See More

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Mesotherapy needle with cannula in stainless steel AISI 304 and syringe connection in polypropylene resin.


Box of 100 needles for mesotherapy.


With ethylene oxide gas.

Shelf life 

Validity of 5 years.


* Outside diameter: 0mm

* Inside diameter: mm

* Length: 4mm



What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy or intradermotherapy is a non-surgical procedure, widely used in Europe to treat injuries and medical conditions. It consists of the administration of microinjections with conventional or homeopathic medicines, whose ingredients may vary, but usually include extracts of plants, vitamins, minerals, in the middle layer of the skin. Injected substances differ according to purpose and, within the scope of aesthetics, are generally of natural origin.

Mesotherapy has a decontracting, anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous and analgesic action.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of treatment?




One of the great advantages of this treatment is that it acts very localized, which causes high concentrations of treatment substances to act quickly, thus making the results more visible.

  • Great efficiency.
  • Less painful treatments.
  • There is no risk of anaphylactic reactions.
  • The effect of mesotherapy is guaranteed in the long run.
  • This procedure can be combined with other techniques for correction.
  • This therapy competes with other, more expensive treatments aimed at weight loss or pain management.




 Concerning the disadvantages, it is possible to notice the onset of redness and itching at the site of micro-injections or other minor side effects, as well as the fact that this treatment can not be administered to pregnant or breastfeeding women.

 Are there side effects associated with mesotherapy?

 Usually not. Although, in general, homeopathic mesotherapy has no side effects, we must not forget that we can find some of these cases, punctual but nonexistent:

  • PAIN: can be mechanical, caused by the puncture itself. Sometimes it tries to minimize itself with surface anesthetic products but satisfactory results have not been achieved. It is recommended to use the 30G needle or a larger G value, because the higher the value of the G the thinner the needle) since it is the least traumatic.


If there is more intense pain it can be due to several causes: by an incorrect drug mixture or with a non-physiological Ph, vasoconstricting products or by a poorly performed technique (which no therapist will recognize). There is no justification in Mesotherapy for a drug to produce pain if we comply with the proper criteria of use.

  • ERYTHEMA: We can find erythema very banal produced by the simple act of puncture itself, in extremely sensitive people, also with cutaneous necrosis usually produced by getting too deep with the needle, passing through very serious allergic reactions, which with homeopathic products it is practically impossible that they occur. Do not open an ampoule and leave it open for a day or two to use it with another patient. Such a procedure may cause an allergic reaction not by the product itself but by the contamination to which it has been subjected.
  • INFECTION by mycobacteria (very rare) that requires treatment. These infections can result in unsightly scars. This secondary infection is explained by inadequate pre-procedure asepsis or contamination of the product used.
  • VAGAL REACTIONS: What in common sense is called fainting. This can happen in the case of very nervous or anxious patients. Only the sight of the needle can cause perspiration and dizziness, so it is important to always hold the sessions with the patient leaning against them.
  •  INJURIES IN NERVES AND VASES: It may be due to the anatomical proximity or when we make the treatment with excessive speed or by reflex movements of the nervous patient. They are characteristic of temporal, epitroclear and peri-varicose zones.
  • HEMATOMAS: It is very frequent in mesotherapy, if the cause is the technique means that the puncture is too deep. They are not depreciable as small as they are, some could have very serious effects, since they are the ideal medium of cultivation of many germs. No medication should cause bruising in mesotherapy.
  • SKINNY NEUROSIS: It is, along with allergic shock, the most feared side effect in mesotherapy. Its origin may be chemical (very dense products, some non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, cocktail of excessive drugs, mucopolysaccharidoses) or of biological origin. The best way to avoid it is with a correct technique, an adequate asepsis and disinfection of the skin, and the use of drugs that meet the criteria of use for this route.

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