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Rua de Barreiros, 74,
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Rua do Monte de S. Bento, lote 11 e 12,
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Macadâmia vegetable oil 50ml - Pranarom
Macadâmia vegetable oil 50ml - Pranarom

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  • Brand: Pranarom
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Macadamia integrifolia

Dry, mixed or atopic skin.

Macadamia oil nourishes and soothes.

Nourishing, suitable for all skin types, ideal in cosmetics.

Important oil for body hydration.

Great oil to use in emergency situations.

Quantity: 50ml



  • Apply to babies at diaper change, apply 2 to 4 drops in massage until fully absorbed.
  • Aromatic tip: in 50ml of vegetable oil of Macadamia, apply 5 drops of essential oil of True Lavender or Noble Chamomile, and apply this synergy in each diaper change.
  • Effective on the cradle of babies, in synergy with lavender oil.
  • It can be placed in bath water with a moisturizing effect.
  • Oil of choice for pediatrics together with sweet almond, calendula and apricot kernel oils.

Dilution base.

Dilution base for other oils.


Simplicity and efficiency!

Similar to sweet almond in its functions, but sweeter in smell and more penetrating, this oil is a good all-rounder in cosmetics. It is particularly moisturizing for the skin and also for hair and nails.
It is a massage oil much appreciated by lovers of this art, as its texture and flavor make it a very valuable treatment. Some fans remove makeup with macadamia oil placed on a damp sponge and wrung out because it is too soft. And to train kids to try new things, a few drops of ice cream or toast instead of butter is always delicious.


10 g (1 tablespoon) per day.


Indications most cited in the literature:

Very dry or atopic skin
Dehydrated combination or oily skin
Pleasure of flavor, gastronomy and original spices


Tips and tricks:
Makeup Removal: Wet a damp, wrung-out cloth or sponge with a few drops of macadamia vegetable oil. Gently apply to face and rub gently to remove makeup. Rinse with hydrosol, tonic lotion or mineral water.

Just over three-quarters of monounsaturated fatty acids (omega 9, including palmitoleic acid, which is very moisturizing, and oleic acid). About a tenth of saturated fatty acids (palmitic acid). "
* Ingredient from organic agriculture (Control Certisys BE-BIO-01) - BIO means: from organic agriculture (Control Certisys BE-BIO-01).

Store away from sources of heat and light.
Consume preferably within 3 months of opening.


Additional information


Cold, wind, rain, clothing friction and sudden changes from hot to cold... Winter overloads our skin by directly attacking its protective layer, which gradually weakens. The result: our skin tends to dry out and lose tone and vitality, creating stiffness and discomfort, even redness or peeling of the skin. Their naturally moisturizing, healing, smoothing and even anti-inflammatory or anti-aging properties make them true winter allies. Vegetable oils offer a simple and effective answer, a gesture to adopt in your daily life. You just have to choose the one that suits you best, you have a lot to choose from!


Macadamia vegetable oil

nourishes and softens
Part of the extracted plant: Nuts

Its creamy texture and smell reminds of roasted nuts. Macadamia oil is rich in palmitoleic acid (Omega 9), a rare fatty acid that gives it repairing and nourishing properties, especially appreciated by dry and fragile skin. Very pleasant as a body oil, it is very penetrating and does not leave a greasy feeling on the skin, making it an excellent base for the preparation of a massage oil.

Composition: Macadamia vegetable oil is composed of ¾ monounsaturated fatty acids (omega 9 including palmitoleic acid, very moisturizing and oleic acid) and about 10% saturated fatty acids.

Usage: Face ✓✓✓


Castor oil

Fortify and protect
Part of the extracted plant: Seed

Extracted from the cold pressing of this oil with a surprisingly thick and viscous texture, it will delight brittle hair and cold-damaged nails. Applied alone or in addition to other vegetable oils, castor oil cares for damaged and dry hair. To strengthen brittle nails, massage a drop into each nail every night.

Composition: 85% monounsaturated fatty acids (omega 9 mainly ricinoleic acid and oleic acid).

Usage: Body: ✓✓✓ - Hair; ✓✓✓- Nails;


Argan vegetable oil

regenerate and protect
Part of the extracted plant: argan fruit

Used since the dawn of Berber women for the protection and vigor of their skin and hair, Argan Oil is a marvel of balance rich in vitamins and antioxidants. This makes it the ideal partner for mature skin, especially in winter. When of good quality, it smells like roasted nuts. Perfect for dry and dehydrated skin, it will be applied to the face in a light massage, offering shine and elasticity to mature skin. It soothes and repairs redness and cracks that may appear on the body or hands.

Composition: Very balanced, it is composed of 32% polyunsaturated essential fatty acids, 40% monounsaturated fatty acids and 20% saturated fatty acids.

Usage: Face ✓✓✓


Avocado vegetable oil
Nourishes and softens
Part of the extracted plant: fruit pulp

Who doesn't know the health benefits of avocado? Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, it is also a true ally of skin and hair beauty. Avocado vegetable oil is very nutritious. Therefore, it is ideal for deeply softening and repairing dry and fragile skin. Neck, cracked hands and dry legs "crocodile skin", ... As a hair mask, it will also work wonders on dry, dull and brittle hair. Protect your hair from the friction of collars and scarves by incorporating vegetable oil into your skin care routine.

Composition: 70% monounsaturated fatty acids 15% palmitic acid.

Usage: Face ✓ - Body ✓✓✓ - Hair ✓✓✓


Hemp vegetable oil

Nourishes and softens
Part of the extracted plant: Seeds

In recent years, hemp vegetable oil has experienced a renaissance, among other things, thanks to the many natural cosmetic recipes that praise its soothing and regenerating properties. And for good reason, this vegetable oil has its place in our skin care routine. True Softness Oil, it is perfectly tolerated by all skin types, including sensitive skin. Applied in the morning, it preserves the skin from dehydration and leaves it soft and silky throughout the day.

Composition: 70% polyunsaturated essential fatty acids and 15% monounsaturated fatty acids.

Usage: Face ✓✓✓ - Body ✓✓✓ - Hair ✓✓✓


Cranberry vegetable oil

Revitalize and soothe
Part of the extracted plant: Seeds

A precious oil rich in antioxidants. Cranberry vegetable oil has an exceptional composition that helps to limit oxidative stress and aging caused by free radicals (UV, pollution, etc.). Applied in the morning, it strengthens and regenerates the skin's skin barrier, which will be nourished and armed for the day. Its soft texture also soothes sensitive skin, prone to irritation due to winter cold. It is also an anti-aging ally for mature skin.

Composition: 65% polyunsaturated fatty acids (almost 32% omega 3 and 32% omega 6) and 20% monounsaturated fatty acids.

Usage: Face ✓✓✓ - Body ✓✓✓


Karite butter

Nourishes and repairs
Part of the extracted plant: Nuts

A true protective, soothing and nourishing balm. Particularly melting and easy to massage, shea is your ally to face the cold in many situations. Protects and repairs dry, fragile skin and relieves redness and inflammation, sometimes associated with rubbing clothes. Thanks to its “healing effect” texture, it heals damaged skin in case of cracks or dry spots, even in babies. To protect your skin from the cold, apply a small amount of shea to your hands before going out. On the front line, in the cold of winter, your lips. Massage their lips with a little shea and they'll thank you! As a hair mask, shea is the ideal companion for dry and frizzy hair.

Composition: Large half of monounsaturated fatty acids and 25% saturated fatty acids.

Usage: Face ✓ - Body ✓✓✓ - Hair✓✓


On face and body
Pour a few drops of vegetable oil (3 or 4 is enough for the face) into the palm of your hand, rub it lightly into your palm to warm it up, and apply it to the skin, massaging gently to promote microcirculation.

In hair mask
In summer or winter, your hair requires special attention in the face of seasonal aggressions. Cover hair with vegetable oil, focusing on ends for hair with oily roots and dry ends and scalp for dandruff. Leave it on a hot towel for 1 hour, or even overnight. Rinse off with a mild shampoo.

My anti-aging serum recipe
Mix 20ml of cranberry vegetable oil with 30ml of argan vegetable oil. Add 4 drops of Rose Geranium EO. After cleansing your skin, massage 1 to 2 drops onto your face after applying the night cream. This serum will offer your skin a tensor, cell restructuring and antioxidant effect.


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